Praise from esteemed author, Georg Dehn

Testimonials, Georg Dehn, The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage

hi Trent, the pleasure is on my side. I got some important insights and I consider Your work is something I can recommend. The method I found thrilling, because additionally to the common combination of Chart and Tarot-Deck You are familiar with Geomancy which rounds it up very well.

Note from Magus, Feb 11, 2016:

I had the unique honor and privilege today to do a Conjure Coaching session with the esteemed author Georg Dehn. I’ve been doing solar return sessions with people and his birthday came up recently. Georg was kind enough to allow me to share what I do with him.

Mr. Dehn is the author of The Book Of Abramelin, published by Ibis Press.

I had read the edition by S.L. Mathers, years ago and until the publication of Mr. Dehn’s edition, the French version of the manuscript was the only one that most people were aware of. Georg Dehn introduced the world to the missing links of the Abramelin rite, which is the intense work done my magicians to achieve what is known as the “Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel”. Many important features were missing from the French manuscript and so Mathers, one of the original, founding members of the Golden Dawn, would not have had any access to those materials in his time. So truly, this is an important magickal treasure. I’ve only recently secured my own copy of this text and I’m already enjoying it. In addition to it being a far more comprehensive version, it’s also much more a collector’s item, hardbound and beautifully illustrated, with maps, photocopies of the original manuscript and more.

Mr. Dehn lives in Germany and it was my pleasure today to speak with him via the wonders of video conferencing (Skype) and to share with him some of what I do. A very fascinating gentleman, Mr. Dehn. I suspected as much from a man keen enough to unearth the Abramelin mysteries. A good day