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Testimonials, Carolyn Elliot

When the bell recently rang in my mind “I need to work with someone, there’s some stuck pieces here I can’t sort out solo” – I knew that as a dedicated occultist myself, this time I needed to work with someone who was not just a great coach but also an incisive magician who’s able to bring a broad and deep range of esoteric wisdom and practical magic skill to bear on matters at hand.

So thanks to my lucky stars, I found Magus Boswell, and I’m continually delighted by how well he fits this description.

I’ve worked with a lot of accomplished coaches in my time and I have to sincerely say, Magus Boswell stands out like a bright light for his potent ability to help one rapidly resolve long-standing issues and inner conflicts.

Through working with him, I’ve experienced a range of genuinely miraculous shifts, and grown to a new level of inner freedom – for which I’ll be always grateful.

If, like I was some months ago, you’re looking for someone who can help you move rapidly forward on both mundane and magical fronts, I highly recommend that you go ahead and engage the services of Magus Boswell.  You won’t regret it, and you’ll likely end up darn grateful like me.