Tarot Reading

I began tarot reading in my early twenties and since then, I have thousands of tarot readings under my belt. I would say the number of professional, paid, tarot readings I have in my experience is nearing a thousand.

  • Divination is the art and science of gaining insight through oracles, to gather information about the past, present or future or the hidden influences in situations and in the intentions of people

Steeped in decades of experience, I help you discover the root of many issues and the best course of action for the future.

I’ve been reading professionally since my early twenties and I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of paid readings.

For my formal training, I am initiate of the Golden Dawn, where the “book” was virtually written on tarot. The documents such as the Golden Dawn’s “Book T” were the source for many of the great names in the world of the occult, names like Aleister Crowley (as in the Thoth tarot deck), Arthur Edward Waite (as in the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the most famous deck in the world) and many, many others.

Additionally, I’ve read a pile of books on the subject, about the height of a couple of small dogs, stacked on top of each other!

For those who want to go even deeper than a tarot reading, the intrepid traveler will want… Conjure Coaching.

Tarot Readings by Magus
Tarot Readings by Magus

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