Astrology Reading

Astrology Reading by Magus

  • Divination is the art and science of gaining insight through oracles, to gather information about the past, present or future or the hidden influences in situations and in the intentions of people

Natal Astrology Reading

This is the interpretation of your Birth Chart. It shows the influences that you were born under and the natural strengths you possess. Your chart points out what’s easy and the areas that you have difficulty in. Through a better understanding of these inborn factors, you can more effectively utilize your energies. Your chart is a type of cosmic fingerprint and it identifies you and your unique characteristics. Knowing where to put your focus for the greatest return on investment is key. Learn your star map and let me teach you how to work it most efficiently for you.

Current Transits

Here, we focus on knowing what type of “space weather” we’re currently experiencing and how it affects you. Thee present positioning of the planets is interacting with you, whether you realize it or not and it’s better to know. We look at how the present positions are harmonizing or clashing with your chart and either helping or hindering you. This type of reading helps you to understand what the present and the immediate future will hold. You will find it easier to know what areas of life will be easy and fruitful and which will likely prove to be challenging. As with all of life, you are naturally good at some things and others are full of setbacks.

Synastry Astrology Reading

A synastry astrology reading is the comparing of the charts of two people and how compatible they will likely be. For compatibility in romance, marriage, sex, business partnerships and friendships… we look to synastry.

Electional Astrology Reading

is choosing the best possible times in the future and using them to execute critical actions. Examples are such things as going out of town for business, taking a vacation or asking that special someone for a first date. Want to launch that snazzy, new Etsy store? Let me help you pick a time that the heavens favor, so you get maximum benefit.

For an election, you provide me a single question, whatever goal you’re trying to elect a time for.
Plus you provide any deal killer times, as in days and times that you are absolutely not available. That way I rule out right away, times that you have to work, will be out of town and so on.
Then I spend at least an hour, on my own, picking the best time(s) and for the rest of the time, you and I talk by Skype or phone, Facebook Messenger video, etc.
I present you what I found and I explain what days/times are your best options, in order. I give you however many times I found that work and rank them, from most desirable to least desirable.
Another option is for multiple questions. We spend the whole time talking, going over multiple questions.
However, the times I find might not be as good. I usually find much better elections by focusing on only one question. Spending the time quietly, pouring through the information by myself produces better results.
To take your astrology reading even deeper, get yourself a Conjure Coaching session.

astrology readings by Magus
astrology readings by Magus