Conjure Coaching - Take your world to the next level up, with coaching and conjure spells!
Conjure Coaching by Magus

Here is a list of the various Conjure Work Services you have to choose from.

Follow the links and get what you need.

Conjure Coaching

Conjure Coaching - Take your world to the next level up, with coaching and conjure spells!
Conjure Coaching

Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading by Magus at Conjure Work; learn past, present, future through the cards, Major and Minor Arcana
Tarot Reading

Have the cards read for you by a seasoned professional and learn what your Spirits have to tell you. I help you sort out what’s happening, what is coming your way and what you should do about it.

Astrology Reading

Astrology Reading by Magus, Natal (birth) chart, synastry, transits and more at Conjure Work
Astrology Reading

Your natal chart, also known as your birth chart, gives a lot of important information about you. It shows what will come easily to you and it shows what will be a struggle for you.

I use the information given there and I look into the current happenings in the heavens. We put these two lenses side by side and come up with a solid game plan for you. In this way, I help you get where you’re trying to go.

Spell Work

Conjure Coaching, take your life to the next level with coaching and conjure spells
Conjure Work done for a Conjure Coaching patron

You’re feeling the need to have some Conjure Work Services done, on your behalf. It’s natural and we all need some help from time to time. This is where you go to get that help.

I help you figure out exactly what’s needed, how to go about it and then I follow up with you, later. That way, we make sure that you’re still on track with your goals, after the work is done.

Feel the need to look at another professional, one who will treat you right? Then, I recommend Doc Solomon’s Occult Curios.

Geomancy Reading

Geomancy Reading, Elemental Earth Divination, Laetitia, Acquisitio, Puella, Fortuna Major
Geomancy Reading

Geomancy is the ancient art of divination by Elemental Earth and through it, we find out hidden knowledge. Discover things in the past, present and yes, the future, as well. Geomancy utilizes a variety of tools, like pencil & paper, dirt, dice and even coins.

Rune Reading

Rune Reading, learn your past, present, future, with the Elder Futhark
Rune Reading with Magus

Runes are symbols of one of several very old, Nordic or Germanic alphabets. They are powerful, magickal talismans and we use them to gain knowledge of hidden things. Learn about past, present or future events and take hold of your world, through the power of the runes.

Private Tutoring

Do you want to study magick? Cleary, the first move to make is to take my 12 lesson, magick course, The Nascent Magician.

However, some people only want to study a particular art, such as geomancy, tarot, planetary talismans, Hoodoo or working with a particular Spirit. For these people, I offer private tutoring, which happens via Skype or phone.

Conjure Work; Services; Private Tutoring in the arts of magick
Private Tutoring

Light Setting

Conjure Work, Light Setting Service at spells for money and love
Conjure Work, Light Setting Service, Hoodoo style or Ceremonial Magick light services to assist your efforts

There are three sizes of the Light Setting Service so, regardless of your budget, you have options. And we both know that you can use a bit of Divine Assistance, can’t you?  Setting lights backs up your real world, mundane efforts with some extra ju ju and spiritual power.

Bone Reading

Bone Readings with Magus, ancient way of communicating with the ancestors
Get a Bone Reading with Magus

The tradition of bone reading is much older than tarot and it’s more organic or earthy. Tribal shamans took the role of guiding their people and the bones assist you to know which way to go.

Dice Reading

Dice Reading with Magus, divination by astragals (dice)
Dice Readings with Magus

This is a really fun type of oracle and using the dice for divination works surprisingly well. I have a big bag of many different types of dice and I use them to learn the answers to your questions.

Conjure Club

Conjure Club - monthly shipments of conjure oils, powders, herbs and more! By Magus (Kevin Trent Boswell)
Join The Club – monthly shipments of conjure oils, powders, herbs and more!

Conjure Club is a monthly, spell kit subscription and it’s really much more than that. You get cool samples of various Conjure Work brand magick supplies, like oils, herbs, powders and excellent, sorcery incenses.

It includes an herbal information sheet and it looks like it comes straight from an old grimoire. Receive one or more spells and get occasional, cool surprises. Hone your sorcery practice and get neat stuff at the same time!