White Sand


If you’re using a thurible or a charcoal incense burner, then this is the sand you put in it to set the charcoal on

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White Sand – This is sand. Yep. Sand.

That’s all it is but that’s exactly what is great about it… there’s no additives.

Your incense censer or thurible holds charcoal and that charcoal sits on a bed of sand.

Your charcoal puts off intense heat and the sand safely absorbs that heat, allowing you to work.

Any sand will work, but sand from a craft store has additives that are toxic when heated. That means those toxic chemicals are going into the air you’re breathing and nope… no thanks.

A Better Choice

This is nice, clean looking, white sand, no additives and it’s ready to go to work for you.

This is a convenience item, so you don’t have to hunt down sand. Of course, you could raid the local playground but that sand is full of kid boogers and dirty pennies. You want this stuff, because it’s pretty, it’s cheap and it’s convenient to order.


If you happen to live near a pristine beach or river, with gorgeous, clean sand, use that; it’s better. But chances are, nearby rivers and beaches have dirty sand, full of sticks, pollution and unidentifiable debris. Carrying this really helps out my customers who live in cities and can’t just truck off to get sand.

Getting your stuff mailed to you is great and it’s fun to get packages, right? While there’s a lot to be said for the convenience factor, there’s another thing to consider, as well. That’s the simple fact that we’re supporting each other as practitioners.

We buy each other’s stuff and that helps us all keep going forward. You need sand anyway and it just so happens… I got sand.

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