Wealth of Kings Incense


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Wealth of Kings Incense 

Wealth of Kings Incense is thirteen of the choicest herbs, resins and roots available and it pays for itself. Each of the ingredients has the reputation of drawing in wealth and attracting prosperity.

Because it’s a secret recipe, I will only a few ingredients and that gives you the basic idea.

The recipe contains expensive and hard to find herbs and resins, like Turkish Storax and real Aloeswood Powder. These blend together, along with other precious, magickal materials in this potent concoction.

Size: 60 mL glass bottle

Take your money spells to the highest level and rest easy, knowing that you’re using only the finest ingredients available.

Not For Cheapskates

It’s an ancient maxim of magick… NEVER haggle over the price of magickal tools, ingredients, books and sorcerous instruction.

To do so robs them of their power and it signals to the Spirits that you’re cheap. It also lets them know your weakness, which is that you fear poverty and that means to get rid of you, they’ll hit you with just that.

Once you pay the price for quality ingredients, Spirits take your petitions seriously and they’re more likely to grant them. 

The superb scent of Wealth of Kings Incense spills out of your censer and carries your petition up to the Heavens. It travels on the Four Winds to the ends of the earth and your abundance finds its way to you.

Sold as curio only

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