Water Powder - The Elements Series, Elemental Water Magick
Water Powder - The Elements Series, Elemental Water Magick

Water Powder


Elemental Water rules over the unconscious mind, emotional thinking and inductive reasoning, the feeling processes, as opposed to logical, rational, ordered thinking. The deep, primal hopes and fears rest here.

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Water Powder

The Elements Series, from Conjure Work

A wonderful way to capture the energy of Elemental Water, The Element Series brings you a powder for the realm of Briah. This powder’s nature might be grasped as Earth of Water.

The Element of Water

Elemental Water rules over the unconscious mind, thinking that is driven by feelings, inductive reasoning, emotional processes, instincts and hunches.

Qabalistically, it the realm of Briah, the astral plane and the sphere of Mercury.

The Tradition of Powders

Powders in Hoodoo are a timeless tradition and their applications are far more wide than with oils and incense. Use powders to “dust” people, poppets (dolls), items and places. Draw your sigils and veves with them, where you want your spells to manifest. Lay out lines of powder where people will cross over them and they change, by the work.

An artist has a big exhibition and wants the crowd to really feel deep, evocative emotions  when they view her pieces. She charges her Water Powder with her intention and lays a line of it across the main door, over which each person must walk. She dusts her pieces ever so slightly on the back sides and wills her own imagination into her spell.

The crowd loses themselves in the art, pulling deeper and deeper into the scenes that the art  them elicits. Now, there is only the observer  and the art. It becomes less rational thinking about the art and more gut-level, emotional response.

In The Tidal Pools

This is a finely ground blend of Myrrh and three other substances of Elemental Water. Lay the powder in a ring around your Elemental Water candle in your temple space. Or perhaps dust yourself before going into that therapy session.

Dust your hands (lightly) with Water Powder, before meeting someone who you really need to feel out, to know whether they are a friend or a foe. Be aware that if you use too much, they’ll literally feel it on your hand and it will seem pretty creepy. That’s for emergencies only.

Working Water Magick

This powder is an excellent tool to work with Undines (Water Spirits), Water Deities or familiars. You charge it by the Divine Names of Water. Doing this helps you tap into the realm of Briah and it helps them reach into our world.

See the article about How To Use Magick Powders, on the Free Magick Lessons page.

The secrets to working with these powders and manifesting your intentions lies inside these pages.

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