Water Incense


Elemental Water, in a conjure incense. Washing in with the cosmic tide again… but this time, on plumes of smoke.

The Element Series  brings you a way to harness the power of the unconscious mind, the emotions and all the hidden keys of the Spirits of the Water plane.

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Elemental Water Incense – Washing in with the cosmic tide again and this time, on plumes of smoke.

The Element Series brings you a way to harness the power of the unconscious mind and control your emotions. All the hidden keys of the Water plane reveal themselves and the playful Water Sprites come to enjoy the scent.

Elemental Water rules over the unconscious mind and touches any thinking which is based more on feeling than logic. All impulsive action is here and so are the nurturing instincts.

Know that when you smell this incense burning, it will indeed stir up your unconscious mind and your psychic senses, as well.

Diving Deep Down

Down, to the bottom of the mind pool, we smell the things of the past. We recognize scents such as meals cooked for us by loved ones, the smell of your childhood pets, right after a bath. Recall the smell of that favorite shirt, as you pull it out of the wash and hang it up to dry. Naturally, these are the familiar scents that made you feel safe.

Plumb the depths of your deeper self or program a talisman to bring out specific feelings (or perhaps to eliminate them).

Smoke talismans, mojo bags and petition papers with this incense. Use it to invoke or offer to the entities of Water, be they planetary, zodiacal, or the Spirits of the rivers, oceans and streams. We often refer to the Water Spirits as Undines. The Archangel of Water is Gabriel and the Queen of the Undines is Nichsa. Water closely parallels Luna, the Moon, since She rules our oceans and tides. This is therefore an excellent lunar offering.

Building Blocks of Water

All the ingredients of this Water Incense are associated directly with Elemental Water. The herbs and resins of Water, pooling together and settling into this excellent formula for burning. May it set your Elemental magicks upon a new course! Don’t forget to look at the other Elements, like Elemental Fire.

Size: 60 mL glass bottle


Sold as a curio only

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