A supremely important plant of many uses, Vervain (aka Verbena) is a Venus herb but in the flighty, Air Sign of Gemini.

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Verbena officinalis

Planet: Venus  

Element: Fire (or Air)

Sign: Gemini 

Gender: Feminine

Some additional folk names

Size: 1 ounce

More specifically, this strain is what we call Blue Vervain.

An important herb of many uses, Vervain (aka Verbena) is a Venus herb but in the flighty, Air Sign of Gemini.

Verbena is a valuable addition to protective magick, sleep and love spells. It draws money and assists in artistic matters. Known for its cleansing powers, it’s one of the sacred herbs in uncrossing rituals.


It’s a magickal amplifier, par excellence. This means you may add it to virtually any recipe to boost its power.

For example, say you need seven ingredients for an incense but can only get six appropriate herbs. This will finish it out, nicely, without competing with the energies of the other herbs.

This herb functions in this way because it bridges the worlds. It’s association is first that of Venus, one of the central most bodies of Western occultism. Why?

Because the common denominator is love. Cities are built, histories written around, wars are started over… love. Venus sits at the center of all things human.

Next, we have the oppositions of all things, the polar ends, via Gemini, the Twins. Good cop, bad cop, right/wrong, yin/yang… all duality.

The Goodess of Love, walking the planes of the Winged Messenger, Mercury. Conclusion? Access to… everything.

A Sacred Plant

The ancient Druids put Vervain second only to Mistletoe in importance. With it found in virtually every type of spell casting imaginable, it’s no wonder. 

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Certified Organic

Use organic ingredients in your conjure operations and your work transforms to a higher level. As a result of going organic, you’re not dealing with hazardous pesticides or toxic fertilizers. This puts you deeper in tune with Elemental Earth.

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