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Venus is the lady of love and seduction. She casts intoxicating glamours and brings people together to engage in all manner of relationships of love and friendship.

Traditionally associated with the seventh qabalistic sephirah of Netzach, Venus is the embodiment of feminine appeal. With men as well, it is useful to call on Her when you desire someone to desire you, for She is the one who woos. Related to children, the arts, love and all things pertaining to our perceptions of beauty, Venus is looked to by artists and those who are lonely, for inspiration and to bait one’s hook by appearing more lovely or more masculine.

This seven-ingredient Conjure Work incense is the perfect scent to have filling the air in your magickal working space when you light your seven candles and summon the maiden of beautiful illusions, the one who makes us drool for that which we do not possess.

Do not ingest. External use only. Sold as a curio only.

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