Van Van Oil


Van Van Oil – a Hoodoo rootwork formula for removing old conditions, clear the way for change and finally dispense with the past.

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Van Van Oil

Van Van Oil is a staple of Hoodoo Conjure practice and belongs in every conjure workers cabinet.

The purpose of Van Van Oil is to remove “old conditions”. This might mean stripping away the mental funk that accompanies leaving a job. It could be that you had a bad day yesterday or the day before and it just won’t die.

Maybe you’ve felt stuck in a rut for several months or even years. Perhaps several members of your family say with conviction that there is a family curse. If they also present some compelling evidence that someone was in fact working roots on your grandfather… you might want to take it seriously.

If there is a curse, then also take a really close read of the Uncrossing IncenseUncrossing Oil, etc. Van Van Oil makes an excellent addition to any Cut & Clear work, which is when you are trying to get over a relationship that has ended.

It also serves well as a supplement to Uncrossing rituals. For example, a full, nine day Uncrossing Rite would typically be started on a Sunday. What if it’s Tuesday and you want to do something right away? Use Van Van in the meantime.

Van Van Oil Formula

The formula is traditional, with slight variations between different practitioners. Mine uses a high quality Frankincense (with some Oman Hojari Frankincense too!), Lemon, Citronella and  Lemongrass. I also use a large amount of  Vetiver (real Vetiver essential oil, which Is quite pricey). This alone sets it aside from competitors.

One thing that I don’t use… Pyrite or any other, gritty item, like Lodestone Food. I have those things but I don’t feel that they belong. They don’t actually macerate into the oil and some of it gets out of the bottle, making it messier to deal with. It clogs up the seal of the cap, making the bottle leak and I just don’t see the point.

You can add that, if you want but a pure liquid with no more fluff than some plant material feels right for a cleansing oil. The concentrate of Van Van Oil (no carrier oil) is added to Murphy’s Oil Soap to make Chinese Wash.

Murphy’s contains some of the same ingredients, so the soap, the oil and Chinese Wash all have a similar fragrance.

Size: ½ oz bottle

Do not ingest. For external use only.

Conjure Work brand oils… for all your sorcery, witchcraft needs, made with only the finest ingredients and the difference is clear. The herbs, roots, resins are either organic or wild harvested and they’re far superior to most of what’s out there. Use these oils to enhance your spells and accelerate your success in your practice of the arcane arts. The oils are born during very good astrological elections (times) and that means the Spirits and the heavens have blessed them.

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