Uncrossing Oil

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For use in uncrossing (un-jinxing) work, for removing hexes and crossed conditions.


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Uncrossing Oil

For use in uncrossing (un-jinxing) work, Uncrossing Oil removes hexes and nasty crossed conditions. Use this to get yourself clean and get yourself back on track.

This is my personal, handmade recipe and the formula is a trade secret. I use only strict, astrological timing and I pray over not only the ingredients but the final mixture.

Packed with nine, potent uncrossing herbs, this blend will set you straight or else maybe you’re already dead? If this doesn’t clean you up, it’s only because you’re not cursed and you need to look to another cause.

Combine this with Uncrossing Powder and Uncrossing Incense, for added effect and to boost the overall work.

Only The Finest Oils

Size: ½ oz bottle

Do not ingest. For external use only.

Conjure Work brand oils… for all your sorcery, witchcraft needs, made with only the finest ingredients and the difference is clear. The herbs, roots, resins are either organic or wild harvested and they’re far superior to most of what’s out there. Use these oils to enhance your spells and accelerate your success in your practice of the arcane arts. The oils are born during very good astrological elections (times) and that means the Spirits and the heavens have blessed them.

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  1. Mary Hill (verified owner)

    I would give 10 stars if I could. The uncrossing oil is very powerful. I could smell it through the box. It smells good and I put some on immediately. I felt a calmness and knew I made the right decision..

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