Uncrossing Incense


Uncrossing Incense – Use in uncrossing rites. This loose incense is for burning on charcoal. This is my personal blend of nine, powerful uncrossing herbs, to rid yourself of jinxes, curses or crossed-conditions. 

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Uncrossing Incense

Size: 60 mL glass bottle

Use Uncrossing Incense in any of your rites for purification and to get rid of curses. 

Read Uncrossing, Protection & Blessing on the Free Magick Lessons page and also read How To Use Magickal Oils. Everything you need to know is spelled out there in detail and you’ll learn more than you even need to know.

Sometimes, we get spiritually crossed up and it can happen without realizing it. Something as trivial as poor thinking habits can cause it and evil Spirits, malefic beings can, too. A curse or a haunting might mess you up and whatever the cause, an Uncrossing Ritual will set you straight.

How To Use Uncrossing Incense

Use Uncrossing Incense and pass the smoke over your head, nine times. First, bathe in the Uncrossing Bath Mix and once you are clean, dress in white, if possible.

Anoint yourself with Uncrossing Oil and check out the article  on the Free Magiypically, that is done by putting a small dab on the third eye (forehead) or over the heart or on the soles of the feet. The number of places on your body that you anoint should total up to any of the following numbers: one, three, seven or nine. For uncrossing work, nine is the most powerful number.

Also use the oil to dress white candles and burn those and read biblical prayers, such as Psalm 23, 37 or 51. Of course call on a Pagan deity for uncrossing, as well, if that’s your path.

Finally, try the Uncrossing Powder, to put directly on your body. That way, you have the sacred substances, right on your skin.

It’s my personal blend of nine, powerful uncrossing herbs, for ridding yourself of jinxes, curses or crossed-conditions.  Some of the ingredients are Sage, Angelica and Rue.

For minor work, just walk through each room in your house and burn Uncrossing Incense to do a cleansing. Any items that may hold a curse, pass them through the smoke.

This loose incense is for burning on charcoal.


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