Twelve Inch Candles


Twelve Inch Candles, for sorcery spells. Technically 11 ½ inches tall; taper candles and you have many choices of colors!


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Twelve Inch Candles

Technically, these candles are 11 ½ inch long. They’re taper candles and you get many choices of color!

These are dripless candles, providing that no draft touches them.

These candles burn extremely reliably and they won’t let you down.

There are a few colors that are 10″, they are listed in the drop down menu as being 10″

Candle Safety

Please remember to exercise fire safety at all times. Keep all children, animals and flammable items away from lit candles.

If you have to leave, use a candle snuffer but don’t blow them out! Simply say “I pause this work” as you extinguish the flame. When you return, relight it and say “I continue this work”.

Dress your candles with Conjure Work brand conjure oils and powders, for greater effect.

You’ll also want to get the crimp-able, star-shaped candle holders, which can be adjusted to fit the various sizes of candles.

See the Free Magick Lessons page for more about how to use conjure supplies. Also, consider the Nascent Magician correspondence course, for complete training in the arts.

These twelve inch candles will obviously create lovely mood lighting and they make a great addition to any emergency kit. Have lots of candles on hand, for those times when lights go out, due to storms and power outages.

Also check out the Skull Candles and the four inch, Chime Candles.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions .5 × .5 × 12 in

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