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Magus, Kevin Trent Boswell
Flagship, Trent Boswell, Magus, album, special item, Conjure Shop, Conjure Work
Flagship, Trent Boswell, Magus, album, special item, Conjure Shop, Conjure Work
Tommy Brothers and Trent Boswell in Audio Genesis studio for the Flagship album
Trent Boswell, Magus, Flagship album, special item, Conjure Shop, Conjure Work
Area 25 by Trent Boswell
Something in the Air, music by Trent Boswell
Flagship, music by Trent Boswell

The Music of Magus


The Music of Magus

Only 99 cents per track and many are FREE!

The original music of Magus, aka Kevin Trent Boswell. Uniquely odd, beautiful, strange, humorous, dark, funky, bluesy, serious and silly… sometimes all at once.

Here you’ll find both original songs and covers. The cover songs and some of the originals are FREE!

The other downloads are only 99 cents per track!

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The Music of Magus

Only 99 cents per track and many of them are FREE!

The original music of Magus, aka Kevin Trent Boswell. Uniquely odd, beautiful, strange, humorous, dark, funky, bluesy, serious and silly… sometimes all at once.

Here you’ll find both original songs and covers. The cover songs and some of the originals are FREE! The others, you can download for only 99 cents per track!

Latest Album Release

The newest album out is the 2023 release called Area 25. The excellent album cover artwork is by Mr. Dorian Strange.

Area 25 by Trent Boswell
Area 25 by Trent Boswell


The Story Behind Area 25

Area 25 is a traveler’s atlas for navigating endless, winding caves, wormholes, cracks in reality, tears in the space-time continuum, black holes, abysmal hellscapes, and all of the most common types of bottomless pits that comprise the modern world.

The somber, dystopian audio guidebook is delivered over an eclectic musical soundtrack of rock, psychedelia, pop, funk, and dire expressions of poetic mental illness.

Area 25 is an exorcist’s manual for the perils of life on Earth for Homo sapiens. It catalogues the sundry catastrophes that plague the upright ape, namely those of poverty, depression, rejection of the tribe, and failed attempts at relationships, friendships, and spiritual endeavors.

Not for the faint of heart (nor the “feint” of heart), Area 25 is a dark, gritty, and gloomy telling of the myriad ways in which hominids undo themselves, rend each other asunder, and even casually rip apart their sole means of survival, the ecosystem in which they habitat. Odd beings, at best; horrible monsters, at worst.


An ancient evil spirit was once trapped for centuries inside a dybbuk. Through the foolish mistake of some human, the demon escaped.

The ghoul found amusement in tormenting one particular human critter, who’s name was Trent Boswell. The tortures took shape by possessing the human with an inescapable obsession to create something called “Area 25.”

The demon wanted the brainless exploits of humans captured on record, so it would have something to laugh about, later; much like you might watch an episode of Seinfeld, even though you’ve already seen it several times.

The dark cruelty of this promethean ordeal rested in the fact that the human was entirely lacking the necessary resources for the production of a proper, commercially viable product. It was working only with a ten-year-old Macintosh computer, an old version of GarageBand, an inexpensive condenser mic, a FocusRite preamp, a cheap bass guitar, a pair of 3 1/2” monitors, and a nice Fender Stratocaster.

The Twisted Twist

What the demon didn’t expect, is that the human would actually persist through said tribulations of substandard working conditions, and complete the project. Much to the demon’s surprise, the human finished the project, despite the lack of access to a professional recording studio, or the backing of a major record label.

The end result, a tabulation of human follies and foibles, will now provide the escaped beastie with comedic entertainment for the coming aeons, long after humans have disappeared from the planet; which should be anytime within the next couple of decades.

Score one for the infernal realm.

See this link for all the music videos from the album, all listed in one place, in the proper track order  

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IMPORTANT!!! To download the tracks on this page, WooCommerce requires that you first create an account for Conjure Work. It’s free and easy. 

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When you download a song from this page, I have the lyrics and a photo written into the meta-data of the .mp3 files. So, for those who enjoy knowing the lyrics (I do hope that is you!), you’ll have them! I can’t guarantee that they’ll show up on every music player but I know it works when you import the tracks into iTunes. If you use something else, please do let me know if you can see the photos and/or the lyrics  I’d love to know.

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For those who love the music, become a patron of Magus over at Patreon, so you keep getting new material. Support tiers start at as low as $3 per month. Patrons get lots of extra, bonus material and early release stuff.

A huge thanks goes to the patrons who make it possible for the creation of this art. Much love to each of you!

Magus72 on Patreon
Magus72 on Patreon


Sharing Is Caring

The music industry is undergoing huge changes on a regular basis. The result is that it’s increasingly more difficult to find anything that isn’t backed by huge corporations. You can help us underground music makers by sharing the music with your circle of friends.

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That word of mouth advertising is pretty much all the little guys have left. Whether or not a musician makes more music or sinks into day job obscurity is directly in the hands of the fans, now more than ever.


The album Flagship has a separate page, here. The Flagship album is under the name Trent Boswell. The Flagship album page has an audio player, so you can hear the songs. Those songs are also in the player on this page but they’re only purchasable on the Flagship page. That’s because it’s a pain to set up each, individual track for purchasing and/or downloads. Those songs are already available there, I didn’t want to do it twice. The Flagship page gives you the options of downloading the entire album or downloading individual songs. Additionally, physical CDs are available, with or without a personal signature.

The Future of Magus Music

From now on, there won’t be anymore physical CDs made, for two reasons. First, CDs are rapidly being replaced by digital download technology, anyway. Second (and more importantly), the last thing this world needs is more plastic stuff.

Magus Music is for the intelligent listener, people who are aware of the existential crisis we all face. Conservation and reducing waste is more important than at any time in human history.

For this reason, the music will only go out as downloads… virtually no environmental impact. A smaller carbon footprint is far better than having a snazzy, physical record, tape or CD. Likewise, no t-shirts, bumper stickers or other swag that usually ends up in the landfills or the oceans.

The process of revamping other products on this site (to make them more eco-friendly) is in the works. It’s slow right now, as the questions of how to do that are complex. Still, it’s vital that all of us do anything and everything we can to reduce the amount of trash we create and the energy we use.

Last But Not Least

You’ve probably read this far only because you enjoy at least some of the music you’re hearing. Since that’s the case, it will serve you well to give a fair investigation to the poetry, as well.

After you’ve downloaded the songs you want, pop on over to The Poetry of Kevin Trent Boswell and pick up a book. Music and poetry go hand in hand. You’ll quickly discover that this material is completely unlike what usually gets labeled poetry. It’s entirely fair to call The Poetry of Kevin Trent Boswell iconoclastic, as in outside the norm.

So, even if you were never interested in poetry, give a shot. You will likely find yourself becoming a convert. Don’t worry, you’ll still dislike tasteless, unimaginative pablum that people are calling “poetry” these days. You’ll become part of a new group of people who are aware of what poetry used to be. With a little help from sincere fans, poetry will rise up as the great art form that it truly is.

The books are available in print, here and on Amazon. They’re also available in Kindle format on Amazon. Soon, I will be offering them as .pdf, digital downloads, in the spirit of more conservation of paper. Because paper is from trees and we need every tree we can get, these days.


Here are a few of the music videos. There’s a lot more on the YouTube channel, so don’t forget to subscribe and get the notifications.






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Adaptation, Full Moon Song, Full Moon Reprise (Lunar Eclipse), Something Like A Rainbow, The Weight, A Nice, Quiet Place To Die, Intergalactic Funk #72, Chew Toy, Tact, Mandala of Sand Part I., Mandala of Sand Part II., Tombstone Blues, Sweet Jane, White Elephant, Existentialist Blues, Venus In Furs, Unchanged, Hoochie Coochie Man (Slight Return), I’m Waiting For The Man, Scorpio, Everything Good Has Gone Away, Blind In The Sun, Childhood’s End, Blood In the Glass, Into the Fold, Three Day Beard, Hopium Blues, War on Venus, I Wasn’t Using It, Upbeat Dance Number, We’re All Gonna Fade Away, All Around


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