The Enchanted Formulary


The Enchanted Formulary

used book, good condition 

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The Enchanted Formulary

used book, good condition 

324 pages

From the days of the Magickal Childe, Enchantments & Magickal Realms Lady Rhea has developed her oil formulas that have been popular with her clients for years, now after forty six years in this grimoire she shares her secrets for all to know.”Written in an enjoyable and easy-to understand style, The Enchanted Formulary is not only a phenomenal collection of magical recipes, but also a complete and comprehensive course in working with oils.

Because practitioners will find themselves referring to this book time and time again, I suggest buying two copies: One to use now – and one to have on hand when they’ve worn out the first!” – Dorothy Morrison, author of Everyday Magic and Utterly Wicked.

Tucked away in drawers, I still have small bottles of Lady Rhea’s formula oils that I purchased back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Even though now virtually empty, they are treasures and I cannot bear to part with them. Occasionally I open them, just to inhale the fragrances lingering in the tightly sealed containers. But Lady Rhea is an even greater magical treasure. Her mind is a vast repository of wisdom and knowledge, both esoteric and practical. Lady Rhea epitomizes the power and charm of New York City witchcraft.

Plus, she’s fun. If you ever have the opportunity to learn from her, don’t pass it by.” – Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, and other books of magic.Lady Rhea’s Enchanted Formulary is a literally enchanting book! With her background working in New York’s Warlock Shop, The Magickal Childe, and her own store, Magickal Realms, she has decades of experience and expertise which she offers the reader. My beloved Lifemate, Morning Glory, was also an Enchantress and Kitchen Witch, and the cabinets in our Temple were filled with her bottles of various herbs, powders, oils, and other ingredients for her “potions and lotions” for every purpose imaginable. She would have loved this book! Of course, Lady Rhea provides the basic spells and recipes for Love, Money, Luck, and Wealth Oils. Successive chapters also cover Saints’ Oils, Spirituality Oils, Tarot Oils, Lenormand Oils, Zodiac Oils and Crystal Oils. Whatever you need to know for concocting fragrances, potions and lotions—and spells for using them—you’ll find it here. And Michael Lloyd’s chapter on “The History of Oils” is superb.

Every Enchantress and Enchanter should have this marvelous little alchemical grimoire, for its comprehensive collection of recipes for the spells that clients come looking for (as well as ones for our own personal uses). It will occupy a key place on your shelf of magickal resource books.Lady Rhea has also written an excellent book on candle magick: The Enchanted Candle: Casting and Crafting Magickal Light. – Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, author of Grimoire for the Apprentice WizardHeadmaster, Grey School of Wizardry.

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