The Art of Hand Reading


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The Art of Hand Reading

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Big pages make for big illustrations, which are important in the visual field of hand reading. Lori Reid employs color photos for her examples rather than relying on line drawings. This abundance of detailed illustration is an immense help when trying to match theory with reality. Much more than a book on palmistry, The Art of Hand Reading covers all the aspects of reading hands in clear detail, making this the perfect book for beginners, but just as useful for the experienced reader.

Product Description

An easily accessible palm-reading guide, filled with color photographs of hands and hand prints furnishes complete information on interpreting the hidden messages of right and left hands, hand types, fingers, and lines.

From School Library Journal

YA. Chirology, or the art of hand reading, seems to have appeared about the same time as the caveman. For centuries its reputation has oscillated between a venerated science and a banished hoax. Currently, it provides geneticists and psychologists with opportunities to study an individual’s personality, health, physical characteristics, and background through the appearance of a person’s hands. Reid’s concisely written text contains the history, physiology, and the practical how-to of this practice. Intriguing tidbits of data strategically punctuate the presentation, adding interest, as well as educating and entertaining readers. Together, text and illustrations build a harmonious display of written word and visual effect. Most teens will enjoy finding personalities and potential in the palms of their hands and in those of their friends.?Pam Johnson, Fairfax County Public Library, VA
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From Booklist

Has there ever been a better subject for a Dorling Kindersley book? Clearly, the DK approach of melding free-floating illustrations with supportive text is ideally suited to an instructional guide on hand reading–the bigger and clearer the pictures of the hand’s life lines, fate lines, etc., the easier it will be to grasp this essentially visual subject. The DK illustrators are up to the challenge, supplying a cornucopia of hands, fingers, and thumbs to illustrate not only the lines on the palm but also the different designs of the hand itself–shape, size of fingers, the hand’s overall topography. Sidebars offer a wealth of snappy background information (how to make a handprint, for example). The only weakness here is Reid’s text, which too often seems overly simplistic: lots of lines indicate a high-strung personality; few mean a calm nervous system. Now there’s a surprise. Still, if it’s detailed pictures of hands you’re after, DK is the place to go. Ilene Cooper


From personality and relationship potentials to life paths, this provides an excellent basic introduction equating hand lines to methods of palm reading and interpretation. Also included here as subjects are fingerprinting techniques and revelations, types of print patterns, and insights on all types of hand reading applications. — Midwest Book Review

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