Tarot Reading

Steeped in decades of experience with the tarot, I can help you discover the root of many issues and the best course of action for the future.


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Tarot Reading

  • Divination is the art and science of gaining insight through oracles. We gather gather information for you about the past, present or future. We uncover hidden influences in situations and in the intentions of people.  


Tarot Readings by Magus
Tarot Readings by Magus


Steeped in decades of experience with the tarot, I help you discover the root of many issues and the best course of action for the future.

I’m a professional reader, ever since my early twenties. I have many hundreds of paid readings and many hundreds more done for personal reasons and for friends. With boat loads of positive feedback under my belt, I help you get the answers you need

For my formal training, I am initiate of the Golden Dawn, where we get the book on tarot. The Golden Dawn’s Book T  Is the quintessential source for most of the groundbreaking revelations about tarot. Many of the  great names in the world of the occult look to this document for vital information about the cards. .

Aleister Crowley (Thoth tarot) pulls almost all of his knowledge from the Golden Dawn. Arthur Edward Waite (the Rider-Waite tarot deck, most famous deck in the world) draws from the same well.

Samuel “MacGregor” Mathers, Westcott and Dion Fortune are counted among these ranks.

The poet William Butler Yeats, Israel Regardie and many others are among its elite membership.




Additionally, I’ve read a pile of books on the subject, about the height of a couple of small dogs, stacked on top of each other!

Anyone can read the cards for you, it’s true. So why have an experienced, skilled reader do it for you? Because you have to be sufficiently detached from the situation, for one thing.

Reading for yourself can be highly problematic, especially when the situation is emotionally charged. It is usually is, isn’t it? You also have to know what question to ask. Asking a poorly worded question yields a misleading answer. A tarot reading is immensely helpful… if you understand the way the cards work. If the reader doesn’t understand the subtle nuances of the system, it’s a disaster. A lot of really foolishness gets spread around because people want to jump right in as professionals, when they lack experience.

It helps tremendously to really know ALL the correspondences! That means what cards relates to what astrological Sign, what Element, what Planet, etc. Most readers don’t ever bother to memorize these and examine what they mean in the context of your question.

I Don’t Do “Fun”

If you’re just looking for “fun”, get one of your friends to read for you. Get the person at the fair or that psychic shop, down the street. Some only want something that sounds intriguing but doesn’t have any real bearing on your life. To be clear, I’m not the guy for that.

I often ask a new client “So what brings you to me, today?”. Some say “Oh, I just saw ‘tarot readings’ and I thought this would be fun!”.

My response is a polite but firm “I don’t do fun”. Sometimes, they don’t believe me… until I start telling them things that I shouldn’t know. Or I give them a prediction that they swear cannot be accurate… until it actually happens.

This is not a parlor trick or a conversation starter. This is serious, occult art which has direct relationship to your life’s experience.

For every reading I get to do where I tell someone something light, warm and fuzzy, there are three more where I have to warn them about something. Why? So they can avoid that thing, of course!

Or, if it’s unavoidable, at least they can be ready for it and mitigate the effects, do preemptive damage control. Even if a hurricane, flood or tornado does damage, you’d rather know about it in advance, right?!


Another, more optimistic reason for a reading is simple ascension. That means, you figure out where you need to grow and how to go about it. It’s always a delight to do such readings, especially when the person is truly open and ready to hear constructive criticism.

Your tarot reading will shed light on whatever your need is. One way or the other, we’ll get to the bottom of the issue.

Tarot Readings by Magus
Tarot Readings by Magus



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