Sulphur, related to Mars and Saturn, Elemental Fire, Masculine, Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn

This natural, volcanic substance is used for both banishing and invoking malefic entities.

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Planet: Mars/Saturn

Magickal Element: Fire

Gender: Masculine

Astrological Sign: Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn

This natural, volcanic substance is related to both Mars and Saturn.

It’s martial due to its being a byproduct of volcanic fire. Sulphur is that stuff glued to the end of your matchsticks, to help them strike and stay lit.

Furthermore, it’s sometimes used in spells as a cursing component, due  to its obvious correlation to hellfire.  Sulphur (or Sulfur) is also called Brimstone, as in Fire and Brimstone.

This toxic goop falls under the purview of deep, dark Saturn as well, because it stems from the bowels of the earth.

In fact, Sulfur is actually in the top ten most common elements of the planet, itself. When considering various philosophies that relate the dark idea that our existence is actually a type of hell, one can’t help but wonder what this little fact says about the world.

Saturn rules over the land itself, all things poisonous and liminal spaces, hard boundaries.

The mouths of volcanoes, where sulphur is gathered, are certainly hardline boundaries for humans and even Spirits. It’s a difficult thing to pass over the threshold of Hades, into or out of Tartarus.


Uses for Sulphur

I have a special fascination for any magica materia that is dual in nature. This fiery powder is one such weirdness. Used for both casting out troublesome demons and for invoking them, its effect is defined by the purpose one assigns to it.

The same way that a person can raise a firearm to defend the weak or to slay them, you can include this stinky, yellow funk to a cursing component or to exorcise a foul Spirit away.

In cases of quite serious demonic interference, you can take the desperate measure of lighting charcoal, placing a pinch of Sulphur on it and walking through a space, to clear out malefic forces.

You would do this while invoking whatever protective Deity you have a good relationship with.

And don’t forget to open all the windows, since this stuff is both foul smelling and toxic. The odor is similar to rotten eggs. Be sure to remove children and pets from the area and if it’s a house, give it some time to air out, afterward.

This is not to be used for regular, spiritual cleansing; for that, burn Sage, Sweetgrass, Frankincense & Myrrh, spray Holy Water, etc.

Serious occultists, those who practice evocation of chthonic entities, will want to have Sulphur close at hand, in case good magick goes bad. It’s an important part of the exorcist’s tool bag, the conjure, first aid kit.


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