Stop Gossip Oil


Stop Gossip Oil

End the smear campaign of lies and rumors from the haters and jealous people.


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Stop Gossip Oil

End the smear campaign of lies and rumors from the haters and jealous people.

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Rumors are part of life. The shitty people who spread rumors are part of life. But, both of them are potentially real problems and part of life is… solving problems. So, let’s look at what you do about it.

You can’t get rid of the problem people… not all of them, at any rate.

There’s a bit of dark humor in there but you most likely appreciate the joke. That’s because, if you’re reading this, someone has probably spread some malicious gossip about you. It hurts you inside and it hurts your reputation.

In this world, a person only has so many resources to fall back on. A few of them are your pride, your optimism and your relationships with people. Mean-spirited lies hurt all of these.

It damages your sense of “everything will get better”. Gossip often ruins otherwise healthy relationships in business, friendships and the love life. Rumors hurt your ability to feel good about you.

Lies, smear campaigns, rumors and gossip are the tools of the weak and the cowardly. They lack the spine to deal with things head on and so they whisper in the shadows, to destroy reputations. It’s the very definition of uncool.

Watch The Tricks

Before you go off on someone for spreading gossip… consider the source. Who told you that they were doing it? Does that person have an agenda?

Equally divisive, equally as cowardly as spreading rumors… is telling someone that their friend is spreading rumors about them.

So be aware. Get evidence before you believe the bullshit. People who want to hurt you don’t have to hurt you, directly. All they have to do is find a weak link in the chain of your inner circle.

Then, they tell that person that you’re spreading nasty things about them. Then your friend turns against you and your alliances crumble.

People who do this sort of thing don’t hold any real values as sacred. They value winning, at all costs. So, make no mistake, they will spin the one, against the other... in a hot minute.

The only thing worse than finding out that a friend was hurtful is… lashing out at a friend, only to find that you had bad information. That makes you feel about two inches tall. So be careful.


There are several things to consider in doing this particular type of conjure work.

First, consider what, if anything, you have done that contributes to this problem.

Ask yourself “How am I setting myself up as a target for these people?”. Also ask “How have I wronged others?”.

There are answers to BOTH of the questions! You may not have been awful. Perhaps you only slightly offended someone and they overreacted. Maybe you hurt their pride, without even realizing it.

Perhaps, you said something or did something that shouldn’t have bothered them at all; a person with healthy coping skills would not have thought twice about it.

It doesn’t matter the reason, there’s something there. However large or small the infraction, figure it out.

Yes, I’m Serious

Next, apologize… sincerely. Yes, even if it’s an enemy. Say you are sorry for your part of it. A clean conscience is essential if you are to move forward and live your life. It probably will NOT change them… doesn’t matter. Do it, anyway.

Next, consider whether or not you might need to uncross yourself. Chances are, you are not crossed up. We don’t need crossings to explain gossip, gossip is human nature. Maybe you’re not dealing with a jinx or curse but better safe than sorry. See me for a reading if you’re unsure.

A Fiery Wall of Protection spell wouldn’t hurt, either, to prevent future problems. Obviously, a little Clarity work will help you strategize about the best way to clean up the mess.

Using Stop Gossip Oil

Stop Gossip Oil helps you set up your own, spiritual, good will campaign. This is not the aggressive, turn it up to ten type of Stop Gossip Oil, the kind that sends harm to the ones who are spreading the rumors. Instead, this is a soft-hand approach, for squelching the noise but by bringing peace.

The reasons are simple and there are a couple of them. One, there are already lots of places that carry a heavy version of this. I’m trying to provide a niche here that I haven’t seen yet. I’m not saying that it isn’t out there, only that I haven’t seen it.

I will most likely make a heavy version of Stop Gossip at some point, because unfortunately, some people won’t respond to sweetening. They’re so bitter and full of hatred that only a harsh smack down will do.

For now, a combination of Mars, Saturn and Fiery Wall of Protection products should do for giving this work the edge it needs, if you’re dealing with such a person or persons. Also, Anubeion makes some excellent stuff that will work for you, too.

The Peaceful Path

The harsh road is sometimes necessary to tread and some won’t respond to anything else. That being said, there are lots of other scenarios you might run into.

Maybe it’s someone you care about that is causing the trouble. You don’t want them hurt, just to stop hurting you.

Maybe don’t particularly care about them… but you need them. An example is a key team member at work who does valuable service but likes to flap their jaw when they get a little irritated.

Maybe it’s one of the situations where a friend is just being gullible and believing someone else’s garbage. You don’t want to hurt your friend. After all, if you thought what they thought was true, you’d be upset, too.

More Flies With Sugar

This oil sweetens others to you and facilitates good will toward you. Obviously, that won’t happen, all by itself. You must do something good, if others are to see you as good.

Be worth a damn,

to have people think that you’re worth a damn. 

But this will help you shine and blur out the negative press, regardless of where it stems from. Plus, while it helps you, it harms none in the process.

As a final note, this oil smells amazing! I’m super happy about how it came out. When I work with it, I am tempted to taste it. But I know that’s a terrible idea!


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