Solomons Seal Root


Solomons Seal Root – Polygonatum officinale, P. multiflorum biflorum – a Saturn root

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Solomons Seal Root

Polygonatum officinale, P. multiflorum biflorum

Planet: Saturn

Element: Water

Sign: Capricorn 

Gender: Feminine

Some additional folk names: Sealroot, Sealwort, Dropberry, Lady’s Seal, Solomon Seal, St. Mary’s Seal

Size: 1 ounce

Solomon’s Seal is a preeminent root for all saturnine conjure. Anything you need to do with the Old Man with the scythe, will benefit from adding a bit of this into the mix.

Using Solomon’s Seal Root

For those who work with Saturn or Kronos or Uranus, this is perhaps among the top choices for offering herbs to give.

You might grind it up and burn it but don’t expect it to smell to amazing… just know that Saturn likes that odd smell. 

Carry the root in a black Mojo Bag, dressing it with Saturn Oil. Put inside, the Solomon’s Seal Root, some Fumitory and some Comfrey Root.

(Mojo) and tie it off, tight. Put this in your pocket (or bra, for women) and carry it, whenever you are around gossiping people. 

See the articles on the Free Magick Lessons page for lots of other tips and tricks.

Certified Organic

Use organic ingredients in your conjure operations and your work is pure, closer to the source. Going organic puts you deeper in tune with Elemental Earth.

Use organic ingredients in your conjure operations and your work transforms to a higher level. As a result of going organic, you won’t deal with hazardous pesticides or toxic fertilizers.

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Sold as a curio only

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