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Sol Incense – The light of the sun shows us the way, warms us, provides our sustenance and fills our hearts with abundant joy.

Sol (the Sun) is the King of glories, riches, titles, honors and as the Master of divination, He opens the windows of the worlds. Because the sun sees all, Sol lends us His eyes and lets us borrow His Divine perspective. The drawback of His extensive rulership is overweening pride but He boosts self-esteem in the unhappy.

Sol in the Qabalah

On the Tree of Life, the Sun finds its position in the canter, the Sephirah Tiphareth. The Divine Name is long, YHVH ELOAH VE-DAATH and the Archangel is Raphael. The Intelligence is Nakhiel and the Spirit’s name is Sorath.

Michael is the Archangel of Sol. His job is to bring forth the Divine LVX (light) which illuminates the hearts of men, that they might adore the Creator.

This all sounds fairly pious and Holy but be warned that the Spirits of the solar sphere are agents of extraordinary power. They regularly deal with the highest mortal rulers of the Earth and the Angels of Heaven, alike.

Merely rubbing elbows with these beings might exacerbate any issues of pride that lie in the magician’s heart. Take great care to remain humble in dealing with them.

Solar Spirits are particularly fond of stringed instruments and offering some music should please them, greatly. Apollo is a solar God and He is usually depicted with a lyre. He is also a God of poetry and brings inspiration to the craft.

A few solar substances are Bay Laurel, Rosemary and St John’s Wort and these make excellent offerings.


Do not ingest. External use only.

Burn this solar feast on Three Kings Charcoal.


Sold a curio only

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