Smudge Bundles

Sage – Salvia officinalis & Artemisia spp. apiana

An essential staple of the witch’s pantry. Use to cleanse, clear, consecrate and cook!

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Smudge Bundles are herbs, pressed together, for burning use in ritual work. Sage is one of the most common herbs in the world of spiritual practice.

Practitioners of simple, white light visualizations use it and ceremonial magicians use it. Homeowners who don’t even practice anything spiritual, will still go through and suffumigate or smudge their home with Salvinia alpina.

Planet: Jupiter

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Element: Earth

Gender: Masculine

White Ceremonial Sage

Artemisia spp. apiana, A. spp.

The White Ceremonial type is what most people think of when they say “Sage” in terms of magick practice. This is what we typically burn to cleanse or consecrate a person, place or thing.

Sizes Available:

5 inch White Sage Smudge Bundle 

7 inch White Sage Smudge Bundle 

9 inch White Sage Smudge Bundle


Loose White Ceremonial Sage

If, like me, you prefer loose, individual sprigs of White Sage, get that over at the listing for Sage. My personal preference is to use it loose, because I’m almost always using it in small amounts. I find that using the large bundles produces too much smoke for average usage.

When you’re ready to stop, put the bundle into a heat-proof, non-flammable, air tight container. That smothers the flame. Don’t do that too often, or it will adversely affect the scent of the bundle.


Over the years that I ran a brick and mortar occult shop, I heard various misconceptions about Smudge Bundles. Many people had been falsely informed that you have to use it in bundle form. This is simply not the case.

Unless there is a specific spell, a ceremonial process happening during the tying, there’s no difference… at all. The bundles are a matter of convenience and that’s all.

I’ve actually never met anyone who bundles the leaves in a ceremonial way, although I think that’s a fantastic idea!

For large workings and big groups, you cannot beat using the bundles, they’re just the best way to go. Some people are just so familiar with the bundles that they’re just comforting to use. The simple, psychological warmth factor, using what you are most familiar with, is potent.


There’s also a White Ceremonial Sage Powderfor making incense blends and powders. It’s especially useful when you’re already using charcoal and you want to drop a bit on the coal.

Garden Sage

Salvia officinalis

Salvia officinalis is what most people think of when they say “Sage” in terms of cooking. This is organic, kosher and delicious. Kitchen witches need this On hand for any sorcerous recipes, as the White Ceremonial is too extreme of a taste. Use Salvia officinalis for any cooking purposes.

It’s equally effective in terms of using it in magick practice for clearing out negative energy.


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