Skullcap induces sleep, much like Chamomile and Linden Leaf. In spell work, Skullcap works where you need someone restricted but without any harm coming to them. A potent herb for any sort of influencing magick.

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Skutellaria lateriflora

Size: 1 ounce

Planet: Mercury

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Magickal Element: Water

Gender: Masculine

Uses for Skullcap

Skullcap is a premium herb for inducing sleep and it makes its way into my Time For Sleepies Tonic, for this reason. Much like Chamomile and Linden Leaf, put this into one of the Drawstring Tea Bags and steep it for five or ten minutes and find yourself drifting away.

For spell work, use Skullcap in any work where you need someone restricted but without any harm coming to them. I’ve used it a few times for my patrons, when a loved one was behaving erratically and reigning them in was necessary. It’s a potent herb, good for any sort of influencing magick and it’s nice and subtle, not overpowering.

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Certified Organic

Use organic ingredients in your conjure operations and it makes your work pure, closer to the source. Next best thing to harvesting these herbs or going out to dig roots yourself. Going organic puts you deeper in tune with Earth and… no hazardous pesticides or toxic fertilizers to deal with.

The herbs, roots and other, materia magica here are organic and many are wild-harvested. They’re great for your spell work and additionally, they’re purer, pulled straight from Mother Earth. Many of them are ideal to use in homeopathic medicines and the spices are great for general cooking! Please read the descriptions carefully and do outside research.

Consult your physician before you ingest any new herbs and test them out by using just a small amount. Some people have allergies and since even 100% organic substances may aggravate, consult your physician first. Something can be completely harmless for one person but it might cause someone else problems. Everyone has a different system and some people may just need to use caution when trying something new.

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