Skull Candles


Skull candles, for mind-influencing magick

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Skull candles find use in a variety of spells and these range from the purest intentions to the foulest.

A white skull is ideal to gain clarity, wisdom or blessings and green is typically for money. Green relates to Venus, who rules the arts and so it will tune your mind to the creative.

Red is usually to incite passion, war and for all things martial in nature. Black is for protection and also any functions of cursing. Pink incites love and it blesses romance and marriage with sweetness. Indeed, the possibilities are endless and the only limit is the practitioner’s imagination.


Red Skull Candle
Red Skull Candle


These candles are roughly 3″ front to back and side to side. They stand about 5″ high and while the burn time varies, it’s safe to say that one of these could burn for days, if tended properly. They sometimes will burn quickly and this is usually interpreted to mean that your petition will be granted fast!


Green Skull Candle
Green Skull Candle


Use skull candles to influence the mind of oneself or of another. Skull candles are powerful, something to use for protection and they can cause great harm, as well. Use responsibly.

As an example, I once brought a skull candle into a working for a patron for financial wisdom. It sparked the realization that he should return to his old job, where he could make better money.

Skull candles, financial wisdom spell at Conjure Work
Skull candles, financial wisdom spell at Conjure Work

My favorite is the white skull, dress it with Clarity Oil and dust it with Clarity Powder. This invites clear thinking and chases away confusion. It’s great to burn some Clarity Incense during the work and recite your prayers into the smoke.

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