Seven Knob Candles


Seven Knob Candles – Figural candles designed for seven day, novena type spells.


Seven Knob Candles – Figural candles designed for seven day, novena type spells.

Available in several colors. 


The original method uses stick pins. A worker places the pins horizontally in the side of the candle, spacing out, seven, even sections. You burn the candle on the first day, until one of the pins either falls out or it falls vertical and sticks to the side.

The next day, you repeat the spell petition, words, prayers, etc. Let it burn until another pin falls. It goes on this way for a total of seven days.

Advanced Sorcerous Technology

The ability to make a candle like the one you see is isn’t exactly a marvel of modern science. An old time candle maker would clearly posses the ability to make the mold for one of these.

Originally, most all candles came in simple, practical shapes. They would use the shapes which are easiest to make a mold for. Additionally, it’s highest priority to end up with a candle that burns evenly and without much fuss.

Since workers started using more novena spells, the obvious move was toward this design. It’s not better or worse; neither type of candle is more correct than the other. Still, if you do a spell that calls for a knob candle, you want one of these. You should only substitute with a straight, taper type, if you’re unable to get a seven knob candle.

Same goes for the other way around. If your spell calls for pins, in a taper (or other type) of candle, don’t use this, without a good reason. Availability is a good reason; there are only a few other good reasons for substituting.

Colors of Seven Knob Candles

Green – Use the green Seven Knob Candles for a lucky, money-drawing spell. If you work with La Santisima Muerte, green is what you use for legal matters.

Red – Red is for passion. Passion means intense emotions, such as war, love, romance, etc. You may use red to represent a deep drive toward a cause and for protection. Red is the best color for any spells to increase sex drive, lust workings. Dress with Lust Oil or something similar. Black is also for protection and Pink is for sweeter forms of love; red is more romantic love. Red is the color of Mars, the Lord of War.

Black – Black repels things and shields you. Use black for curses, binding spells, protection workings and ending things. Saturn’s color is Black.

Pink – for soft, sweet, devotional love spells. This is romantic, yes, but it’s more-so about staying together and being happy with each other. For hot, passion and desire, use Red. Often, gay men or other, LGBTQ persons will gravitate toward Pink, because of its associations with gay men.

Blue – Blue depends on what system you use. It’s associations are Jupiter, serious matters, study, sometimes wisdom, balancing tough emotions and other ideas. Elemental Water is Blue.


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