Saturn Amulet - The Habit Trap - a solid lead amulet
Saturn Amulet - The Habit Trap - a solid lead amulet
Saturn Amulet - The Habit Trap - a solid lead amulet
Saturn Amulet - The Habit Trap - a solid lead amulet
Saturn Amulet - The Habit Trap - a solid lead amulet
Saturn Amulet - The Habit Trap - a solid lead amulet
Saturn Amulet - The Habit Trap - a solid lead amulet
Saturn Amulet - The Habit Trap - a solid lead amulet

Saturn Amulet


Saturn Amulet

A custom-crafted saturnine amulet – break bad habits, use for binding, restriction of problems or enemies and for general Saturn workings


Saturn Amulet

Made at an auspicious astrological time and consecrated under the auspice of Saturn, these Saturn Amulets help you restrain and stop any unwanted habits. A potent tool for self improvement it leverages psychology, astrology, spirit magic. Each one is engraved to order on lead sheet and coated with a markable / erasable coating and presented in a easy to mount frame.

NOTE: This item is not available with any sale offers, only because I don’t make them myself. At some point, the creator of these might decide to run a sale on them. If so, you’ll see that here, on this page. 

The Saturn Amulet comes about for the working of “The Habit Trap” spell. However, it soon grew, since its uses stretch further. This amulet is indeed suitable for any general type of Saturn amulet working; restricting, binding, ending things, contracts or control of something.

Giving the Saturn Amulet Purpose

Do bear in mind that, while it is quite multipurpose, it is an amulet for getting rid of something. Use Saturn Amulet to rid yourself of a habit, a problem or unwanted situation. One of the figures in this design is that of Carcer, one of the geomancy figures of Saturn. Carcer means prison and is therefore ideal for trapping something.

For those who desire a Saturn talisman, for attracting something positive, there’s a custom option for that. Ordering a custom version will add at least a few extra weeks to your delivery time.

Genesis of the Saturn Amulet

Years ago, I wrote a saturnine spell and designed an amulet for working the spell. I uploaded it to a private study group and that’s where magician/astrologer Alexander MacMillan discovered it. He was so fond of the idea that he decided to make one out of lead. It came out so well that he decided he’d like to sell them.

Alexander contacted me and asked my permission to use the design and I said I would be happy to have him do it. The seller platform he initially set eyes on fell through, so now they’re being offered to you here, at Conjure Work.


Every purchaser will receive a free.pdf version of The Habit Trap spell. Plus, the first nine buyers will get one additional Saturn product from Conjure Work, as a special bonus. These include (but not limited to) items like Saturn Oil, Saturn Incense and Saturn Powder.

Activating Your Saturn Amulet

The amulet has on it ten triangles. Into these, you will note the problem you’re addressing with a type of sorcerer’s shorthand. It’s incredibly easy to do and it’s all laid out nicely for you in spell that you’ll get with your purchase.

This work is easy enough that any novice should have no trouble with it. All that’s required here is a deep respect for Saturn’s power and a sincere commitment to the purpose you assign to the amulet.

Some will use these to lose weight, others to stop smoking or something similar. In addition to this making a fine addition to any Saturn altar, what are some other possibilities?

  • an additional part of a Stop Gossip campaign
  • part of a Cut and Clear spell
  • as one element in your set of wards or sorcerous defenses in your home or business; enchant the amulet against shoplifters, etc.
  • many other possibilities, anything you need to stop or put an end to

Going Further

Naturally, many magicians will desire more structure and process for their workings. Here are some additional things you can do to beef up your work with the Old Man.



Where Saturn sits, nothing else stands and where Saturn stands, all other things are crushed under His weight.

Since Saturn is related in the magickal Qabalah to the third sephirah, Binah, His number is three and all things trinity and all manner of triangular traps are His kingdom and dwelling space.


sold as a curio only

This product is NOT for diagnosis or treatment of any kind of illness or addiction. It is NOT to replace the diagnosis, advice or treatment of any of your doctors, whether general practitioner or mental health professionals. Follow their advice. This item is for spiritual practice only, not medical treatment.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × .25 in

As Pictured, Custom Version


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