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Saint Cyprian of Antioch, patron saint of sorcerers

Saint Cyprian Incense


Saint Cyprian Incense – Patron Saint of occultists and sorcerers. Tap into the occult powers, both the LVX (Light) of theurgy & the dark magick of necromancy and thaumaturgy. Use this incense to receive the secret arts and to empower your spells.

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Saint Cyprian Incense – Saint Cyprian of Antioch, patron Saint of sorcery. Tap the occult powers of Light & Dark magick, Spirits, run the gamut of Theurgy to Thaumaturgy to necromancy.

Why Saint Cyprian Incense?

Once a sorcerer for hire, the now saint, Cyprian of Antioch is the patron saint of sorcerers. As a result, occultists and necromancers, those who call upon the dead, turn to him for aid.

Whatever the practitioner’s title, St. Cyprian is the helper to those who cast spells and enchantments. Most especially, he assists those who do so professionally.

Cyprian is a pragmatic Spirit, known for being “two-headed” or “two-handed”. To clarify, this means he is fine with working on the left and on the right.

He happily hears your prayers and takes confessions.However, he has no qualms about assisting you in pursuit of the powers and lusts of the earthy realm.

This incense contains seven ingredients because of the connection to the lunar cycles. The number thirteen is the Twelve Apostles and Christ, a big part of much Hoodoo conjure.

Naturally, I lay the incense on Cyprian’s altar, for his blessing. He receives fresh water, candles and other offerings of food, incense, coffee and more. Additionally, prayers and requested workings of patrons lift up with the intercession of the Saint.

Each ingredient is organic and I consecrate each, as I blend and mix. An ingredient’s inclusion in the recipe is due to one of two, key reasons. Either it’s materia magica in traditional connection to Cyprian or because he asks for it, directly.

Of course, you will also want some of the Saint Cyprian Powder and the Saint Cyprian Oil.

Also see the Saint Cyprian Novena Candles.

As an explanation, there’s an article, How To Burn Incense On Charcoal, on the Free Magick Lessons page.

Only The Finest

Conjure Work brand incense… for all your sorcery, witchcraft spells. Made with only the finest ingredients, the difference is clear.

The herbs, roots, resins are either organic or wild-harvest and far superior to most of what’s available.

Use this incense to cast any spells you work with Saint Cyprian. Suffimigate (smoke) your talismans and amulets, to empower them. to accelerate your success in your practice of the arcane arts.

Cyprian is an eminent instructor of ceremonial magick, Juju, gris gris and the summoning of Spirits. Let him guide you through the arts of prophesying, soothsaying, sortilege and cartomancy.

Conjurations, glamours, incantations, witchery, wizardry, augury and hexing are all his forte.

The birth times of all Cyprian products are supremely good astrological elections (times). Consequently, both Cyprian and the Heavens bless them.

Size: 60mL glass bottle

The amount that you see in the glass bowl is what you get. It’s a 60 milliliter bottle. It’s roughly three ounces of incense but it varies, because it’s by volume, not by weight. Whatever fits in the bottle in what you get.

Do not ingest. For external use only.

Sold as a curio only

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