Saint Cyprian of Antioch, glass novena, 7 day candle, white, Conjure Work, sorcery supplies
Saint Cyprian of Antioch, glass novena, 7 day candle, purple, Conjure Work, sorcery supplies
Saint Cyprian of Antioch, "7 day" glass novena candle, black, Hoodoo, sorcery, witchcraft supplies
Saint Cyprian of Antioch, oil, powder, incense, Conjure Work, sorcery supplies
Cyprian of Antioch,

Saint Cyprian Candle


Saint Cyprian Candle – Patron Saint of occultists and sorcerers. Tap into the occult powers, both the LVX (Light) of theurgy & the dark magick of necromancy and thaumaturgy. Use these candles to work with the master sorcerer, Cyprian of Antioch.

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Saint Cyprian Candle – Saint Cyprian of Antioch, patron Saint of sorcery. Tap the occult powers of light & dark magick, Spirits, Angels and Demons. Run the gamut of Theurgy to Thaumaturgy to necromancy with a potent spiritual ally, capable of approaching from all angles.

I will post better pictures soon.  

Why Saint Cyprian?

Once a sorcerer for hire, the now saint, Cyprian of Antioch is the patron saint of sorcerers. As a result, occultists and necromancers, those who call upon the dead, turn to him for aid. Whatever the practitioner’s title, St. Cyprian is the helper to those who cast spells and enchantments. Most especially, he assists those who do so professionally.

Cyprian is a pragmatic Spirit, known for being “two-headed” or “two-handed”. To clarify, this means he is fine with working on the left and on the right. He happily hears your prayers and takes confessions.However, he has no qualms about assisting you in pursuit of the powers and lusts of the earthy realm.

Coat of Many Colors

As a practicing sorcerer, you’ll have a wide variety of spells to cast. Naturally, this means that you’re going to need a wide variety of colors. Choose your color in the drop down menu.

White – blessings, wisdom, peace of mind and health

Black – matters of protection (physical and magickal), shielding from harm and hiding something, keeping secrets, also vengeance and curses

Gold – similar to white, to assist in spiritual matters, alchemy and as thanks for work the Saint has done for you

Red – matters of the heart, love, romance and raw, sexual lust

Green – Justice, fairness, legal matters, court hearings, legal disputes, law enforcement, judges, good luck, money, favors, selling a home or a piece of property, any type of seemingly lost cause

Amber – to overcome addictions, rehabilitation from drug addiction/alcoholism

Yellow – small challenges, intelligence, success, wisdom

Blue – learning, study, wisdom, health

Brown – working with ancestors and the dead, in general (in Hoodoo, brown is for legal, court matters, while green is for money), also for problems that are “mid-level”… beyond yellow, not quite green

Purple – power, authority, healing

Orange – job success and satisfaction, securing work, control of one’s superiors.

Additional Options

If you have a particular prayer, Psalm, spell, etc, that you want on it, put this in the additional information section.

Important Note:

Any additional text MUST be brief enough to fit on the label! If it’s too long, I will leave it off and you will just print or write that out yourself. Put it under your candle or tape it to the side.

For those who want a fixed candle, I do that too! I‘ll dress the candle with Saint Cyprian Oil and fix it with some Saint Cyprian Incense. Or, tell me the spell purpose and I will put in some very specific ingredients, to push it in that direction.

Another layer of sorcery is Saint Cyprian Powder. Lay a ring of the powder around your candles. With tapers, chimes and six in candles, put it directly on them, by rolling them in it. Additionally, use the powder to dust your magickal tools and to enchant specific places; the possibilities are endless.


As an explanation, there’s an article, How To Use 7 Day Candles, on the Free Magick Lessons page.

Only The Finest

Conjure Work brand candles… for all your sorcery, witchcraft spells. Any herbs, roots, resins I use in dressing candles are either organic or wild-harvest. Use a Saint Cyprian Candle as an offering to him. Use one as the Elemental Fire portion of any spell you work with Saint Cyprian.

Cyprian is an eminent instructor of ceremonial magick, Juju, gris gris and the summoning of Spirits. Let him guide you through the arts of prophesying, soothsaying, sortilege and cartomancy.

Conjurations, glamours, incantations, witchery, wizardry, augury and hexing are all his forte.

Size: the actual height and width of glass, novena candles varies some. I get them from different manufacturers and therefore, size and burn time is different, between manufacturers.

After Use

Either recycle the glass or use candle refills in it. Keep it as a flower vase (get all the wax out first, with very hot water, almost but not quite boiling). You can put offerings in it or dirt from your property or graveyard dirt of your ancestors, the possibilities abound.


Sold as a curio only

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions N/A

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