Rune Reading

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Runes are a set of glyphs or symbols that form specialized alphabets. This magick  alphabet comes from ancient Germanic and Scandinavian peoples. Three runic alphabets are widely known and are still in use.


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Rune Reading by Magus

A Rune Reading utilizes a set of glyphs or symbols that form specialized alphabets. These are the magick of ancient Germanic and Scandinavian peoples and three different runic alphabets are widely known and accepted. The Elder Futhark, the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc and also the Younger Futhark.

The runes each have a name and each of the symbols carries an important meaning. They cast or drawn from a lot bag and we use them to answer questions. We interpret them according to which symbols show up and the order they fall in tells a great deal.

Patterns they create tell stories and their proximity to the querent (person asking the question) reveals details of time. Runes falling closer to you are closer to you in the timeline and tell us what happens first.

The runes differ from astrology and tarot in terms of their symbolism and the tones that they set. Runes have a more primal energy, harkening back to harsher styles of living and reminding us that we have it pretty easy, these days.

The glyphs are those of the cattle that sustain life for a tribe and the ice which threatens it. They are the life giving sun and the warmth of the mother who nurtures the child.

Unlike the Swords and Disks, Wands and Cups of the tarot, runes deal in hail and horses and torches. There are some similarities in runes such as Wunjo, meaning joy, to the 9 and 10 of Cups in the tarot and the Sun card to Sowilo.

Yet the runes contain mysterious ideas like Pertho, the bag that may hold serendipity and it may hold serpents. Simple concepts such as “need” are here, in the figure of Nauthiz and journeys are shown in the figure of Raido.

When the situation calls for a primal, gut level determination of life and death matters, the runes show where your next step lies.

When you’re ready to take it to the next level, set up a Conjure Coaching appointment and get runes, tarot, astrology and more!



Rune Reading




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