Rosemary – Rosemarinus officinalis

Masculine, Sol (the Sun) Rosemary is a premier agent of solar essence, embodying all that which is of the Sun nature.

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Rosemarinus officinalis

Masculine, Sol (the Sun)

Rosemary is a premier agent of solar essence, embodying all that which is of the Sun nature.

Other Names: Compass Weed, Dew of the Sea, Guardleaf, Elf Leaf, Sea Dew, Polar Plant, Libanotis, Incensier,

Originally from the Mediterranean, this perennial has thin, needle-like leaves and flowers that bloom in blue, purple, white or pink.

Rosemary is frequently employed in various magickal amulets, as well as in spiritual baths and floor washes. The herb makes for fine conjure oils, potions and tinctures and is good for grinding into incense and powders.

Protection is one of the purported talents or gifts that Rosemary possesses. Related to the Sun, Fire and Aries, it belongs in the martial arsenal. It’s primary association is the Sun, making it useful for healing, clarity, mental focus and preserving youth. The Fire and Aries components are useful for love spells and lust work.

Rosemary is a favorite for uncrossing and exorcism work. I look to the Sun for this type of cleansing, even more so than Mars. Rosemary is one of the sacred herbs suitable for use in the Solomonic magick tradition. It’s called upon as one of the nine herbs in the aspergillum, or Holy Water sprinkler.

Laid beneath beds and pillows, it dispels nightmares and burned with Juniper, aids in healing work. Hung over doorways, protects a home from thieves.

Safety Issues: Rosemary is mildly poisonous in very high doses, yet it would be quite difficult to overdose. Epileptics and pregnant women should avoid the essential oil.

The spiky leaves are one of the most common kitchen spices, used in a dizzying variety of food dishes. While it is of the mint family, it lacks the sweetness of the other mints but retains their typical sharpness.

Deities: Sol, Helios, Ares, Mars, King Solomon, Aphrodite, Jesus, Mary, Hebe.

Certified Organic

Using organic ingredients in your conjure operations means that your work is purer, closer to the act of going out and picking these items straight from nature. You won’t have to deal with hazardous pesticides or toxic fertilizers.

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