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Ritual Bath Cards


Ritual Bath Cards – These laminated, waterproof, bath cards have a Psalm on one side and instructions on how to take a ritual bath on the other. Now, you can perform your ritual baths, without ruining your spell book, Bible or your Book of Shadows. You can take your prayers right into the tub with you when you take a spiritual bath!

See the Drop-Down Menu for the complete list of which prayers are currently available.

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Ritual Bath Cards – These waterproof, bath cards have a Psalm, an Orphic Hymn or other prayers on one side. On the other side, you get instructions on how to take a ritual bath.

Now, you get to perform ritual baths, without ruining your Bible or Book of Shadows. Take your prayers right into the tub with you and let the Element of Water flow through your spirit!

See the Drop-Down Menu for the complete list of prayers available.

Choices, Choices

Choose from the Orphic Hymns, to the seven, ancient Planets:

Luna (the Moon)
Sol (the Sun)

There are lots of biblical Psalms, too… the type of prayer most often used in Hoodoo and other types of Christian sorcery.

If there’s one you want and you don’t see it here, email me and I will make it for you!

The Ritual Bath Cards are a fantastic addition to your magickal practice and it’s fun to collect them.

Also there are original prayers by Magus, for various, specific needs. 

Examples are: A Prayer of War for the Protection Bath Mix, or the Hecate POWER Bath card, for the POWER Bath Mix.

Collect all of the original prayers, like the Healing Bath Prayer for the Healing Bath Mix. The Cut & Clear is for healing after a breakup and it goes with the Cut And Clear Bath Mix.

There are many more to choose from, so scroll through and check out the selection!

Get Clean, Inside and Out

Read the article How To Take A Ritual Bath, on the Free Magick Lessons page. There’s a ton of valuable information there and it’s definitely worth a read… or three!

Don’t forget the Drawstring Tea Bags, to make your bath experience cleaner.

For ambience, Candles make your bath beautiful  and they create a more cathartic experience. Adding Incense deepens your relaxation, even further, allowing you to slip into the prayers.


Sold as a curio only

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Bath Cards

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