Reckitt’s Crown Blue


Use blueing products, like Reckitt’s Crown Blue, for purification workings.

Because of its esteemed reputation to take that which has become stained and make it clean once again, we add Reckitt’s Crown Blue to spiritual baths.

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Reckitt’s Crown Blue

Size: single unit, about an inch and a half, square

Spiritual Use

Southern style Hoodoo practitioners use “blueing” (or bluing) products for cleansing works and as an aid to any ceremonial purifications.

Reckitt’s Crown Blue is actually a laundry product and it comes from France.

It’s designed to make white articles of clothing brighter and get rid of that dingy, yellow look that happens when sweat builds up on sheets and shirt and other linens.

It is because of this ability to take that which has become stained and make it clean once again, we add blueing to spiritual baths.

A single square of Reckitt’s is more than enough for several cleansing baths. Break off a corner and dissolve it into a bath with some Hyssop and Rosemary and read the 23rd Psalm Bath Card.

Another excellent addition to your cleansing ritual is Uncrossing Oil and Uncrossing Powder.

Laundry Use

Of course, you can clearly use Reckitt’s Crown Blue in the way it’s originally marketed and help your whites become whiter.

I use it both ways, myself. In my Golden Dawn work, we wear an Egyptian style headdress, called a nemyss.

A nemyss is a black and white striped piece of headwear and throughout the course of long sessions of ceremonial ritual work, a lot of sweating occurs. It’s pretty easy for a nice, white nemyss to quickly turn an ugly yellow.

Fill a clean bowl or sink with about a gallon of water (hot or cold, it doesn’t matter) and dissolve a little bit of Reckitt’s into the water. Dunk the garment into the water and keep it moving around, for a couple of minutes. Then rinse it out and let it dry in the sunlight.

Do not ingest.

Sold as a curio only

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