Psychic Protection For Beginners


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Psychic Protection For Beginners; Creating a Safe Haven for Home & Family

by Richard Webster

Our homes are places of refuge, where we can rest easy and feel secure. But even in our most personal space, we need protection against the negativity, stress, and other unwelcome energies that we face every day. To make your home and loved ones as safe as possible, psychic protection is essential—and you can learn how to do it in a matter of minutes!

Friendly and easy-to-understand, this book presents a variety of time-proven techniques for psychic protection and defense. Step by step, you’ll learn to activate the shielding properties of amulets and charms, gemstones and crystals, pendulums, candles, incense, herbs, and the chakras (the body’s energy centers) to create a harmonious and nurturing home—and ensure the well-being of the ones you treasure.

  • Strengthen your aura
  • Block psychic attacks
  • House blessings
  • Feng shui
  • Smudging
  • Candle magic
  • Angel communion & prayer
  • Protect loved ones who are far away
  • Creative visualization

From an article by Richard Webster

I regularly meet people who tell me that they don’t need psychic protection, as they’re in total control of their lives. In actuality, none of us are in total control of our lives; our lives can change in a matter of seconds. Because of this uncertainty, many people carry amulets with them as a form of protection. When astronaut Edward White went to the moon, he carried with him a St. Christopher medal, a Star of David, and a gold cross. If I went to the moon, I’d do exactly the same.

Everyone can benefit from psychic protection, as everyone experiences various forms of negativity (such as anger, jealousy, road rage, and stress) on a regular basis. Most newspapers focus on tragedies and disasters, as bad news sells more papers. It’s hard to avoid interactions with negative people. As a young man, I worked for a couple that constantly argued with each other. I returned home with a headache almost every night, as my working environment was so stressful. Intuitive people are especially affected by the attitudes and thoughts of others. Even our own negative thoughts can be considered a form of self-imposed psychic attack. Geopathic stress caused by electromagnetic radiation and underground water are yet another form of attack.

When most people think of psychic protection, they think about a deliberate psychic attack. Recently, a friend of mine attended a school reunion. She was enjoying herself until someone she had not seen for thirty years belittled her. The deliberate putdown was totally unexpected, and my friend felt hurt and upset as a result. This is an example of a psychic attack. A curse is another common example.

You can read more, at Llewellyn’s site. See also, his other book, Geomancy For Beginners.

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