Protection Bath Mix


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Protection Bath Mix

This bath mix is designed to shield you from the negativity of others, whether that is cast intentionally or unintentionally. Most of us, even those who are inclined to doubt all things magickal in nature, have had the experience of interacting with someone or even a physical place like a house and just feeling not right, after that. This can be one of several different reasons. One is that the person is a practitioner of magick or at very least, they have an inborn gift for throwing the evil eye. If it’s a place we visited, it may indeed be haunted.


It could also be as simple as we psyched ourselves out, we let that person get under our skin, so to speak. However, the explanation does not give us much comfort. What is better is to go into situations prepared, to be wearing the armor of God, if you will. Ritual preparation with the Protection Bath Mix can help.

It has a spicy aroma because of the association of the ingredients with the planet Mars, the God of War.

If you have already been thrown off balance and it’s too late for this preventative measure, then first take a series of either one, three, seven or nine of the Uncrossing Bath Mix. How many you take will depend on how severe the problems have been.


These bath mixes make excellent floor washes, as well. Floor washes are another Hoodoo type of working that helps you set the energy in a home to the way you want. Boil some water, add this mixture into it and steep it like a tea. Add it to your mop water and mop your floors. Go from the front door to the back to draw in an energy. Work from the back of the house to the front, to send it away.


While taking this bath, it is a most excellent idea to say prayers. There are wonderful Psalms you can choose from.  and for the more Ceremonial approach, there are the planetary hymns. The companion prayer that I wrote especially for this bath is called A Prayer Of War. Read it while in the bath to enhance the effects.  All these are in the Bath Cards section, or just read a prayer that you feel is most appropriate to your situation.

You can also use a basic prayer, such as the 23rd Psalm (or some other prayer to the Deity of your choice). When you get out of the tub, don’t towel off. Air dry, or put on fresh, clean clothes that you will be wearing for the rest of the day.

See the article How To Take A Ritual Bath, on the Free Magick Lessons page. Don’t Forget the Drawstring Tea Bags, to make your bath experience cleaner.

Do not ingest. For external use only.


Sold as a curio only.

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