Private Tutoring

Price varies with number of sessions 1 hour

Private tutoring sessions; in depth, one on one magick lessons with Magus.


Private Tutoring

Private tutoring sessions; in depth, one on one magick lessons with Magus.

Do you want to study magick? Clearly, the first move to make is to take my 12 lesson, magick course, The Nascent Magician.

However, some people only want to study a particular art, such as geomancy, tarot, planetary talismans or Hoodoo.

Case in point, some want to learn about working with a particular Spirit, while others want to learn astrology.

Yet, many are not comfortable with class environments. Additionally, some folks are just more auditory in nature and they want to hear, not read.

For these people, I offer private tutoring, which happens via Skype or phone.

Some possible topics of study are:

  • tarot
  • astrology
  • witchcraft
  • Hoodoo; including… mojos, petition papers, powders and oils, and many more subjects
  • candle magick
  • planetary magick
  • working with specific Spirits
  • geomancy
  • Ceremonial Magick
  • making spiritual supplies
  • magickal defense
  • the list goes on…

In these sessions, you’ll learn all about the topic of your choice.

Not Sure?

If you’re not sure if your subject is something that I cover, just contact me and ask! Ask me, before you book your slot, if it’s something you aren’t sure I cover. If I don’t know much about your topic, I will tell you honestly.

For example, I know a lot about old school witchcraft but I’ve forgotten much of what I knew about the religion of Wicca.

I can teach you sorcery but if you want to learn tantric sorcery, it’s foreign territory for me. I teach geomancy and tarot but I know next to nothing about reiki.

Whatever you decide on, these are your own, personal classes. It’s a chance to go deep into the study of the magick you’ve become so fascinated by.

Why is it cheaper? 

Naturally, you’ll wonder why I charge $100 per hour for Conjure Coaching and only $35 per hour for this. The tarot readings are $60 an hour, so why all the discrepancy in price?

To explain it frankly, this is just plain ol’ easier for meFor me, teaching is just sharing; it’s fun!

Yet, when I read tarot for someone or analyze their birth chart, they are more guarded.

People become afraid of what the cards might say or they might feel judged by even the slightest hint of a weakness in their astrological chart.

I’m not judging them… not even close to it. Hell, I’m painfully aware of all my own shortcomings, therefore, who the hell am I to judge?

But people are sensitive critters. Yet, people like learning and so, they tend to loosen up. Learning is fun and teaching is fun.

When I’m doing Conjure Coaching, that’s a tough task, because I have to strike a delicate balance between two things.

1) I have to maintain a space in which they feel safe and respected and that yes, I care!

2) I have to be detached enough to not fall into the same thinking that got them into the mess they’re in. I have to say… Yes… I am going to PUSH you to get the very best out of yourself!

In those sessions, I am not a teacher. I am also not a high, ascended Master, with all the answers. Nobody is. Some people come into it expecting a guru and well… it ain’t me, babe

When I’m coaching, I am also not your friend. Of course, I stay as light and friendly as possible but it’s not it’s not my job to be your buddy… it’s my job to help you fix your shit.

Some people come into the process, expecting a warm and fuzzy, bestest pal and I hate to disappoint but if I play that role, then you get nowhere with your goals. 

And to be perfectly clear, all the resistance didn’t get there overnight; there’s years of resistance built up around most people’s issues. I charge a lot more there, because for one, I paid a LOT for my training.

Tutoring, As Opposed To Coaching

But everybody knows what a teacher is and so there’s no confusion, coming in.

Obviously, I will keep you on track; we’re not going to talk about the weather and what you had for lunch.

But if I have to steer you back on course, I’m still just steering you back to a subject that you’re excited about! I don’t have to steer you back to a subject that you’ve built up huge walls around. 

For another thing, in Conjure Coaching, I earn that money! It’s no small thing to go toe to toe with people. I have to strike a delicate balance between two things.

And I do spells for those folks, in comparison to this, where I am only teaching you how to do your own. Much easier!

Big Sigh of Relief

So, teaching is a breath of fresh air for me. Going over tables of correspondences and the meanings of tarot cards and zodiac Signs is a freakin’ breeze, compared to all that!

Note: This service is NOT for personal problems!

This is all about you, going deeper into the subject of your chosen magickal art. For personal issues, see me for Conjure Coaching or at least a reading service. 

Your Tutor

Of course, you’ll want to know who’s teaching you and that information is on the page, Meet Magus.

I’ve been practicing magick most of my life and teaching it for about 10 years.

For example, in 2010, I released my magick, correspondence course, The Nascent Magician. Additionally, I teach group classes, anywhere from 4 up to 40 people.

To illustrate, here’s a photo of me teaching a workshop on blending your own incense for spell work.

This class was at Pagan Pride Day, Raleigh, NC. Sadly, that festival is not happening anymore.

A Closer Look, photos, teaching at Pagan Pride Day, Conjure Work, sorcery, Hoodoo, witchcraft, Golden Dawn work
Magus, teaching a workshop at Pagan Pride Day in Raleigh, NC

Getting Started

Starting rate is $35 per hour. However, the more sessions you get, the cheaper they are.

Get going on it right now, when you click on the calendar, below. The days that don’t respond to clicks are unavailable.

Pick a day that’s available and it will give you a choice of time slots. Set out your pen and a notebook and let’s get into it.


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