Potion Sampler


You’re excited about the potions and tonics but you’re just not sure. Do you really want to get a whole tin of an herbal concoction that you haven’t tried?

What you need to make up your mind is a Potion Sampler pack!


Potion Sampler – You’ve been looking at all the potions and tonics and you love the idea… but… you’re just not sure. They look awesome and you love the idea of the potions, simple enchantments for personal power, better relationships, etc.

You really like the notion of the tonics, too. But do you really want to get a whole tin of an herbal concoction that you haven’t tried?

What you need to make up your mind is a Potion Sampler pack!

Everybody Loves A Sampler!

Sounds nice, getting rid of that stomach discomfort, without having to take possibly toxic over-the-counter meds. I know. Before I developed the Happy Tummy Tonic, I used to take ranitidine. Luckily, the Happy Tummy Tonic helped so much that I didn’t need the ranitidine (aka Zantac) anymore, because the FDA just recalled it! Apparently something in it causes cancer! Great. No thank you, I’ll stick with my herbal remedy that works just as good and doesn’t give me cancer.

The Headache Tonic works great, too. Doesn’t have quite as nice a taste but it works and again, no artificial, synthetic garbage and no filler materials. And… you can sweeten it with sugar, anyway!

The Funkosaurus Tonic is excellent for knocking out that cold or flu that you feel coming on. Catch it as soon as your throat feels a bit scratchy, drink a cup of this and go to bed early. Wake up feeling great.

Regardless of which one you want to try, you get a heaping tablespoon of each one. That’s just enough to make one cup of each type, so you can try them all! Plus, you’ll get an all natural, 100% cotton, drawstring tea bag to brew them in!

Potion Pack

The Keep Me Love Potion strengthens existing couples with a small, super easy re-commitment spell that you can do anytime.

The Desire Me Love Draw Potion helps you find that special someone to share it with!

POWER Potion does like the label says and taps into your inner reserves of strength.

There’s more and you’ll get to try each one with a Potion Sampler!

What’s in the Potion Sampler

You’ll get at least eight different potions and/or tonics (based on what I have in stock at the time).

I cannot guarantee that I will have each and every one in stock at the time. If there’s a particular blend that you want to make certain you get in your sampler, just email me and ask. If it shows as “in stock” on that product’s individual page, that’s a good indicator but not foolproof. Ask if there’s one that you’re dead set on.

“Usually” includes 8 or more, single-serve size packs of:



Consult your physician before taking any kind of herbal supplements. Read the ingredient list for each potion and tonic before you try any, to make sure that it doesn’t contain anything that you’re allergic to. These are NOT intended in any way to be a substitute for proper medical care from a licensed medical practitioner. These are folk-style, herbal home remedies. While they work for me, your doctor is the one you should look to for you and your family’s medical care.

Sold as a curio only

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 4 × 4 in


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