Planetary Powders Sampler Kit
Saturn Powder, the Planet of limitation and binding; Conjure Work, spell supplies and services
Jupiter Powder, Jove, Zeus, wealth, higher learning, riches, expansion
Sol Powder, the Sun, Tiphareth, wisdom, royalty, riches, honor, magick spells
Venus Powder - The Planetary Magick Series
Mercury Powder - The Planetary Magick Series
Luna Powder, for spells of the Moon, lunar magick

Planetary Powder Sampler


You’re excited about the Planetary Powders… but… you want to try them, first.

You need a Planetary Powder Sampler!

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Planetary Powder Sampler –

You’re all excited about the Planetary Powders… but… you really want to try them, first.

You need an Planetary Powder Sampler pack!

Many people are unfamiliar with what powders do in terms of spells. They’re actually a far more versatile method of grounding your spells into manifestation than oils or incense are.

There are scads of different ways to use powders. The items in the Planetary Powder Sampler are fun to work with. Since all Seven Planets are here, you always have at least one useful angle for your workings.

Check out this article, How To Use Magick Powders, on the Free Magick Lessons page, for more information.

Everybody Loves A Sampler!

There’s easily enough in each one of these sample sizes for several uses. You can try them out and then, come back and get the full size. The stylish looking 60 mL glass bottle is going to look awesome on your shelf!

Each Planetary Powder Sampler pack comes with all seven of the classical Planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sol, Venus, Mercury and Luna.

The Planetary Magick Series

After the four, magick Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, the Seven, Classical Planets are the next most important forces. Following these are the twelve, astrological Signs.

Once you solidly download each of these into your sorcerous repertoire, then you may proceed to Spirits and Deities.


Saturn Powder

Spread Saturn Powder anyplace you want to invoke the forces of Saturn, Kronos or Earth Spirits. Saturn rules binding, limits, agriculture and architecture. 

Jupiter Powder

The Planetary Magick Series brings you the heart of Jupiter, Lord of Expansion. Jupiter Powder, to call on Jove, the God of philosophy, honors, higher education, religion and better position in society.

Mars Powder

Mars Powder helps when you’re calling on the God of War. Whether you need protection or you’re looking for a fight, He’s the guy.

You know that dude in the movies, the one who isn’t happy unless there’s a fight going on? That’s Mars.

When properly channeling this power, He’s a great protector, keeping the weak safe and the strong in line. Using this force improperly will help you slay your enemies. However, He’ll invite just as much trouble to your doorstep as He does to theirs. You’ve been warned.

Sol Powder

For healing, for riches, seats at the big table and for better divination, Sol Powder assists you.

Venus Powder

Use Venus Powder for art, children, spending money, luxuries, parties and the good life. Most of all, for love and relationships.

Mercury Powder 

Mercury is the wing-foot Messenger. Communication, science, writing, speaking and magick are His fortes. Use Mercury Powder for assistance from the God of merchants and tricksters.

Luna Powder

The Moon rules emotion, intuition, inner workings of the mind and all acts of initiation. Use Luna Powder when you invoke the feminine archetypal Goddess, to address emotional matters.


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