Peony Root


Peony Root -Paeonia lactiflora Used to protect against the evil eye, as protection against misfortune and to break a jinx.

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Peony Root

Paeonia lactiflora

Planet: Sol (the Sun)

Element: Fire

Sign: Leo

Gender: Masculine

An herbaceous perennial native to central and eastern Asia. Large, round flowers, fragrant and admired for their beauty. White peony root has a long history of use for its beneficial properties in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Tibetan and Siberian folk herbal practices. Typical preparations of peony root include decoction, extraction, and infusion.    

Peony Root Lore

Named after Paeon, the Greek physician of the gods. In the middle ages it was used to protect against the evil eye, and American Hoodoo folk magic uses it as protection against misfortune and to break a jinx. Cunningham states that traditionally, Peony Root is hung around the neck of a child, for protection against malevolent spirits. As well, small “heads” are carved from Peony Root, which one strings together with Coral and flint. Its exorcism powers are to prevent lunacy and drive away spirits such as an incubus. Lore says that it should be collected at night, since the seeds reportedly shine with an eerie glow in the moonlight.

White peony is one of the oldest plants cultivated for its flowers alone, a practice going back to 2000 B.C.E. in China. It was brought to Japan by Buddhist monks from China, where it is still considered today to be a symbol of prosperity. White peony also goes by the common name Chinese peony. It is a member of the Paeoniaceae family.

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