Pennyroyal; Mentha pugelium



The key, occult virtue of this herb is its link to death and reincarnation. It soothes arguments and eases the fear of dying. For this reason, it makes a wonderful addition to any altar for La Santisima Muerte

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Mentha pulegium 

Planet: Venus, Mars or Saturn… depending upon the source; I tend toward thinking of it as being of Saturn 

Element: Water or Earth

Sign: Scorpio or any Earth Sign

Gender: Feminine

Some additional folk names: Lurk In The Ditch,  Run By The Ground, Organ Tea, Pilolerian, Squaw Mint, Tick Weed, Mosquito Plant

Size: 1 ounce

Place Pennyroyal in the shoes to prevent becoming overly tired while traveling. It shields against the evil eye when you carry a bit in your pocket or inside of a protection Mojo Hand

Sprinkle it in a tea form around the house to prevent arguments or put an end to fighting. Stuff a healing poppet with this herb and anoint it with healing oils, such as Blessing Oil, for any stomach issues.

Warning: The oils in Pennyroyal are poisonous in large doses, so keep it out of reach of children and pets. This herb should NOT be ingested by women who are nursing or pregnant.

Greer states that in the Eleusinian Mystery Cults, initiates would receive a very small amount of Pennyroyal tea before the rituals.


One of the key, occult virtues of this herb is its link to death and reincarnation. This is why I tend to place it within the realm of Saturn, as opposed to Mars or Venus. Just as it soothes arguments, it also soothes the fear of dying. For this reason, I believe that it makes a wonderful addition to any altar for La Santisima Muerte. The essential oil is one ingredient in some of the oils I make for Her. But don’t worry about touching the oil, you never ingest conjure oils. They are for dressing candles and anointing yourself, etc.


This makes a fine addition to spells of protection, the creation of peace and for Psychopomp work. That is, in helping persons or animals gently pass out of this world when it’s their time. A Psychopomp guides Spirits who are trapped into the better places, where they will have peace. Additionally, workings of strength and courage  receive great assistance from this Plant Spirit.

Sold as a curio only

Certified Organic

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