Peace Water


Peace Water is time, standing still and it allows you to stop and smell the roses… literally. This standard of the Hoodoo tradition invites good feelings and it draws good Spirits, too!




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Peace Water is time, standing still and it allows you to stop and smell the roses… literally.

With its intoxicating aroma of Rose, Orange and Lavender hydrosols, this lovely brew, is simple magick that draws sweetness. Invite love, friendship and peaceful feelings into your personal or ritual space.

Also, spray this as an offering to your Spirits and remember your ancestors, to sweeten them up. Each of the ingredients vibes well with Venus  and remember to include green candles, for Her.

Spray Peace Water around the home, and pray for harmony and happiness. Promote happy, warm fuzzies and take the edge off of those past frustrations.

Lighten the energy of your home, with this inviting aroma and it only takes a few spritzes in each room.

Two sizes: 8 ounce, spray bottle for $14 and a 4 ounce, spray bottle for $8

Southern Style Spiritual Spray

Peace Water is an old tradition in the American South, a Hoodoo formula, creating friendly space and swishing away ugliness.

Ugliness is what my grandma called it, when someone “showed their tail” with a bad attitude!

After a negative person leaves, their nasty old ugliness can linger and that can ruin your mood. Put a smile on your face and open the window to joy, with a spritz and a quick prayer.

Super simple magick and it draws all those warm, fuzzies. It’s goodness, sweetness and peaceful feelings in a bottle.

This floral blend of hydrosols is tinted light blue, the traditional Hoodoo color for peace and tranquility. In your conjure practice for the home or for your Temple, Circle, etc, you’ll want to cleanse a space in the usual manner and then invite good feelings in with Peace Water.

Use with Blessing Powder, for best results and be sure to read my Free Magick Lesson, How To Use Magick Powders.


What Is A Hydrosol?

A hydrosol is the pleasant byproduct of making essential oils. In the making of essential oils, water is extracted and the oil collects in a separate apparatus.

That run off of water, in cases like Rose, Orange and Lavender (Peace Water ingredients), smells delightful. So we use it to bless and with it, we claim happy space.

Do not ingest. External use only.


Sold as a curio only

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