Oregano; Origanum vulgare, a Mercury herb

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Origanum vulgare

Planet: Mercury 

Element: Fire

Sign: Gemini

Gender: Masculine

Size: 1 ounce


Using Oregano 

Oregano is the fiery cousin of Marjoram. The former is fiery, while the latter is airy in nature and yet both are of Mercury. It’s a plant that hails from the mint family, known as Lamiaceae.

Oregano is part of the holistic herbalist’s tool kit, as well. Some say that it aids the nervous system, which makes sense, considering its mercurial association.

The Plant Teachers

As an herb of Mercury, both Marjoram and Oreganum vulgare are easily adaptable for most operations of the Messenger Planet. Certainly, they find historical use in the old spell books under recipes for love, legal problems and other areas where a deft ability to navigate is helpful. Because Mercury is also a God of pranksters and thieves, this herb is often part of Law Keep Away formulas, as well.


Sold as a curio only


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Certified Organic

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