Orange Peel Powder


Orange Peel Powder goes into spells of money, good luck, love and any sorcery of attaining honor. 

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Orange Peel Powder

Citrus sinesis or C. aurantium

Planet: Sol (the Sun); also Venus, as Orange is a sweet fruit

Element: Fire

Sign: Cancer

Gender: Masculine

Size: 1 ounce

Everyone is already well familiar with the orange. Clearly, there’s no need to explain what it is. You just need to know what it’s good for in spell work. Orange Peel Powder goes into spells of money, good luck, love and any sorcery of attaining honor. 

Using Orange Peel Powder

For those of you who work with solar Deities, such as Helios, this is an important addition to your magickal curio cabinet. Orange Peel Powder, all by itself, is a great offering for the sunny Spirits. Make yourself a cool Mojo Hand by using either a yellow, orange or red Mojo Bag. Draw the sigil or image of your Spirit on a similar color of petition paper. Or go old school Hoodoo and use brown, paper from a grocery sack. Also write your petition or purpose on the paper and include some of your hair or nail clippings.

Place seven solar herbs into it (or six, if your using a Western, Ceremonial approach). A few suggestions are Acacia, Rosemary, Angelica Root, Bay Laurel and Cinnamon. If you’re using a Ceremonial approach, use the name Sol and try the Sol Oil, Sol Powder and Sol Incense. If you prefer working with Helios, there’s a powder, oil and incense for Him, too. Use a healthy size pinch of the powder inside the Mojo Hand. Breathe your intention into the Hand and immediately tie it off tight, so it won’t come undone, Feed it some of the oil, then suffumigate it (smoke it) in the incense. Pass it through the smoke either six or seven times, depending upon the system you are using.

Sold as a curio only

Certified Organic

Obviously, using organic ingredients in your conjure operations transforms your work and takes it to a higher level. As a result of going organic, you’re not dealing with hazardous pesticides or toxic fertilizers. This puts you deeper in tune with Elemental Earth. The herbs, roots, resins and other, materia magica available at Conjure Work meet all your spell work needs. Moreover, many of them are great for homeopathic medicines and cooking!

Learn more about herbs, roots, resins, curios, when you join Conjure Club. Each month, get one or more of these magickal ingredients and an awesome information sheet. Perhaps the most fun part, they look like they’re straight from the grimoires of old! Every month, you get one or more samples of several products, including conjure oils, incenses, powders and other, special items. Most importantly, you get spells that utilize the ingredients in your bundle!

Make sure to scope out all the articles on the Free Magick Lessons page.

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