Nutmeg – for luck, gambling, dream and trance work and for spells calling on Jupiter, Mercury or Luna

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Myristica fragrans

Planet: Jupiter 

Element: Fire

Sign: Sagittarius 

Gender: Masculine

Some additional folk names

Size: 1 ounce

Nutmeg is a substance which falls primarily under the heading of Jupiter. Additionally, John Michael Greer places it in the realm of Sagittarius.

However, in Hoodoo practice, it’s known for its usefulness in increasing luck in games of chance This places it more under the domain of Mercury and hence we find yet another example of overlap.

In magick, it’s the connections between things which help us to bridge the gaps between various ”realities”. Therefore, we must resist the urge to pigeonhole things, too much. Use Nutmeg for works of Jupiter or work that pertains to Mercury… it works for both.

Using Nutmeg

Gamblers carry a whole Nutmeg In a green Mojo Bag. Feed it with New Money or Fast Luck Oil. This powder version works just as well, in my experience. 

For gambling luck, dress an orange candle with Mercury Oil and roll it in Nutmeg powder. On a Wednesday at dawn, do the following spell.

On a piece of brown, grocery sack paper, write the name of the casino (or your opponent(s). Turn the paper sideways and write your own name over the top of theirs, seven times. Place your candle over the paper and light it. Read the Orphic Hymn to Mercury and ask Mercury to grant you luck.

Other Applications

Traditionally, Nutmeg finds use in love spells and dream or trance workings. Greer tells us it has a further overlap with Luna, lending toward these uses.

It is a spice in various food dishes and this makes it suitable for potions of love, luck and divination. It’s a close friend of Mace, too… stemming from the same tree.

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