New Money Incense


New Money Incense – Invite NEW money into your life. Attract brand new clients, customers, sales and cash.

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New Money Incense

This is for inviting NEW money into your life. For expanding the potential of an existing investment, business, etc, try the Jupiter Incense or the Jupiter Oil. When trying to attract brand new clients, customers, sales, etc, this New Money Incense is what you want.

In its creation, I steer mostly toward Solar and Venusian ingredients.

When it burns, it smells like Helios and Venus making sweet love 😉

In your Hoodoo practice, you can add a floor wash to your overall plan. Or try a ritual bath, a sidewalk wash for a business or a mojo bag. You would suffumigate, “smoke” the mojo bag with this incense, as in passing it through the smoke, usually a specific number of times, while reciting a certain prayer, mantra or spell rhyme.

If you have business cards, cast magick with this incense by passing your cards through the smoke. As you do so, say your incantation of choice. A good time to do this is on a Friday, in the hour of Venus or on a Sunday, in the hour of Sol. Better yet, try when one of these two luminaries is on the horizon or directly overhead. With the Sun, that’s easy, as it’s always roughly around noon.

For even more specific astrological timing, make sure that the planet you’re working with is in a sign that suits it. A human being, with daily needs for income (as you almost certainly are), you’re going to be using small spell castings on a pretty regular basis. Get really specific with the timing for your major magickal operations. For the smaller, more regular workings, just pick the best time that’s available and do what needs to be done.

Do not ingest. Burn on charcoal.

Sold as a curio only

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