Mojo Beans


Mojo Beans – Fava a “wishing bean”, in the Hoodoo tradition of southern style rootwork.

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Mojo Beans

Vicia Fava

A “wishing bean“, in the Hoodoo tradition of southern style rootwork. Make a wish and throw the beans into a running stream. Alternatively, you may also throw it into a field, where it will remain without anyone disturbing it.

While this sounds utterly ridiculous to the modern mind, there’s a long standing tradition, here. There are many types of wishing beans, such as Black Eyed Peas, eaten for good luck on New Year’s Day. 

Mojo Beans are essentially Fava Beans. However, just as any random stick becomes a wand, a bean wished upon may just set miracles in motion. While you’re unlikely to see any spontaneous beanstalks pop up, you might notice your world is different, better. These are great to place inside any Mojo Hand that you’re carrying for general good luck. An example is a simple, white Mojo Bag, with Blessing Powder and herbs, roots and other curios. Use things such as Frankincense, Blessed Thistle, Yerba Santa and Sage. Adding some Blessing Powder and feeding it with Blessing Oil is a good idea.

Mojo Beans Lore

John Michael Greer describes beans as belonging to the realm of Venus in Virgo. Since there’s not much in the Western Magickal Tradition about beans, this general classification might serve well. Others might decide to think about the individual variety of bean and what powers it has traditionally allocated to it. Perhaps the Mojo Bean is of Jupiter, as His characteristics may best fit the description of what Mojo Beans are and propose to do.

In the infamous black books of Saint Cyprian of Antioch, there are numerous spells that involve the Fava Bean. These sorcerous works span across a peculiar rainbow of supernatural abilities, such as invisibility. The number of beans in these spells remains reasonably consistent; it is usually a single bean that the sorcerer places in the mouth. That, or there are seven beans which the practitioner employs in interesting ways.

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