Mojo Bags


100% flannel cotton, drawstring bags are just waiting for you to charge them into proper Mojo Bags! Handmade, right here in the USA by local crafts-women who understand that they’re creating containers for future magick to live inside of. We might start calling them “Magickal, Spirit home builders”!

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Mojo Bags

Size: approximately 3″ by 4″ tall, size may vary.

Material: These are 100% flannel cotton, drawstring bags, just waiting for you to charge them into proper Mojo Bags!

Working The Hand

Mojos are often called Hands or Mojo Hands or Tobies. You put your roots, gemstones and curios and petition papers into them and set them to work for you.

Choose an appropriate color, such as red for passion, black for protection or green for money.

Place items into the bag that harmonize with your purpose. An example love drawing Mojo is a red Mojo Bag, with Sugar, Grains of Paradise and Myrtle Leaf for love drawing. Then write out a petition paper and fold it three times towards you and place it inside as well.

Breathe your prayer into the Mojo Hand and tie it off so it won’t open. Carry it with you and dress the “mouth” of the bag (where you tied it off) with an appropriate conjure oil, like Venus Oil or Attraction Oil.

Use these cotton, drawstring bags to store just about anything, really. Put Tarot Cards into them, for safe storage or your smaller ritual implements. But you’re in with the cool kids by using them as mojo bags!

These drawstring curio bags are just waiting for you to turn them into proper magickal fetishes.

Many folks will tell you that you need only one color for a Mojo Bag and that color is Red are designed to be used for mojo bags. You can place herbs and curios into them to carry for luck, to attract or repel whatever you tell it to. But these days, we have a wide variety of magickal traditions, since so many utilize various, alternate color schemes in their workings.

So, here at Conjure Work, I now offer multiple colors. And that’s how you get your black, Saturn Mojo Hand and your pink, love Mojo hand, in the same place.

Since you have yellow Mojo Bags, you are ready to make a mojo to work with the Solar Hierarchies and with Helios, the Sun.

Crafting The Hands

Sometimes made of 100% cotton, sometimes from pur flannel, either of these materials is a fine conductor for magickal spells.

These Mojo Bags are handmade right here in the USA by local crafts-women. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing several outstanding artisans of the cloth, all fine seamstresses in their own rite.

I commission my work from those who understand the nature of working conjure and who also happen to make high-quality goods.

Sold as a curio only

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 5 × .2 in

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