Mistletoe – Viscum album – A most important plant Spirit to the ancient Druids, a wide variety of powers are given to it. Protects one from lightning, fire and general misfortune.

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Viscum album

Planet: Sol (Sun)

Element: Fire

Sign: Leo 

Gender: Masculine

Some additional folk names: Thunderbesem, All Heal, Bird Lime, Devil’s Fuge, Holy Wood, Witch’s Broom, Wood of the Cross, Golden Bough, Lignam sancta crucis

Size: 1 ounce

Mistletoe is best known in the western world for its inclusion in a Christmas tradition. A sprig is hung up by the door and any couple who stands beneath it is expected to kiss.

In traditional occult lore, it has far deeper roots and significance.

The Mistletoe is known for its sacred status in Druid culture. Scott Cunningham places it in the Element of Air. Aside from that, sources agree that it is exceedingly solar and masculine in nature.

Using Mistletoe

One of the most important plant Spirits to the ancient Celts, a wide variety of powers are given to it. Lore states that it protects one from lightning, fire and general misfortune.

The leaves and berries are useful as spiritual medicine to aid in healing. I always feel compelled to add that following your doctor’s advice first is essential. This is in no way a lack of faith and will not hamper any magickal benefits.

Conversely, failing to heed sound medical advice never impresses the Spirits. They have a tendency to consider a person who doesn’t take medical counsel as being “too stupid to help”.

So, get help from your doctor AND do your healing spells. Scientific experiments show that this dual approach works better than either, by itself. 

Other Applications

Other powers that magicians ascribe are to aid hunting, love matters, invisibility and restful sleep.

This leaf is a good addition to recipes for Sol and for any type of Sun Spirits/Deities in general.

Greer explains that this tree, its leaves and berries is an excellent “amplifier”. To explain, it empowers other mixtures, making them stronger.

It also banishes any malefic spells and sends away hostile faeries.


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Certified Organic or Wild-Harvested 

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