Mercury Oil, Conjure Work, Planetary Magick Series, witchcraft spells, Wicca, Hoodoo
Mercury Oil, Conjure Work, Planetary Magick Series, Ceremonial, Solomonic, Hoodoo

Mercury Oil


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Mercury Oil – Eight ingredients, relating to the Planet Mercury and the Sephirah Hod

Use this to anoint yourself and dress candles and to feed your Mojo Hands.

Mercury is the binary God of messengers, stage magicians, liars and occultists learn the magickal arts from Him. He’s fast, slick and He wears more hats than any other Deity.

As head of communications, He deals in political propaganda and as tech guy, He fixes the office printer.

He delights in contradiction and is therefore the God of both merchants and thieves. He presides over all duplicity and dichotomy.

Famous for His eloquence, He wins hearts and minds but His practical jokes sometimes separate friends.

Mercury blesses writers with razor sharp wit and grants the silver tongue to scoundrels. He aids researchers in wandering down winding rabbit holes to come up with treasures.

He teaches rhetoric to salespeople and mathematics to physicists.

Mercury reveals Himself in forms such as the Greek Hermes and hides, incognito, in the Voodoo guise of Papa Legba. He is beneath the bushel basket of the Egyptian Thoth and He’s beneath the scientist’s microscope.

Ever duplicitous, Mercury is both masculine and feminine and the term hermaphrodite has its genesis in Hermes. His reputation of beauty and youthfulness extends to all and He never wants for attention.

Lift the bushel basket of Baron Samedi and you find a form of Mercury. The Messenger holds a special place in the heart of Hekate, as well and that’s no small accomplishment.

This blend has eight ingredients, for the Planet Mercury is qabalistically associated with the eighth sephirah, Hod.

The Divinely Mad Scientist

Each ingredient is here, only due to its planetary similitude to the essential nature of the Messenger.

I carefully measure each component of Mercury Incense and this pleases the rational mind of this scientific Entity. He rules analytical Virgoafter all and all the polar oppositions of Gemini, as well.

I formulate for best possible aroma and aim for achieving the perfect, effortless transition of consciousness. This sets your spell work off in the ideal direction and pushes all the right buttons.

Mercury in the Qabalah

Mercury sits in the watery realm of Hod, on the Tree of Life. Here, He conducts His crazy experiments and churns out practical jokes.

The Divine Name of Hod is ELOHIM TZABAOTH and one uses it to invoke the Highest forms of Mercury. Next, is the Archangel, who is Michael (Michael Hodael).

Mercury Hierarchy

The Archangel of Mercury is Raphael and the  Intelligence (a type of Angel) is Tiriel.

The Spirit’s peculiar name is Taphthartharath. Saying it three times fast… does nothing at all but it’s funny to hear you try.

See my article How To Use Magickal Oils on the Free Magick Lessons page.

Do not ingest. External use only. Some essential oils irritate skin and you should test a small amount first.


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